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What is Ecency?

Ecency is a blockchain based decentralized social network - powered by Hive.

Ecency is home of free speech and rewarding communities for content creators with true/full ownership.

Project is founded by @good-karma in August 2016 as an alternative social network that's uncensored, user controled, immutable and opensource. There are many independent and voluntary contributors who work together to bring the vision to masses.

Ecency is hub of communities powered by cutting edge technology where users are getting paid for their time, resources and learn while having complete control over their account, communities and content. Through ease of use, users not only learn but also become investors, innovators of the new internet.

What's the difference from other Social Networks?

The primary difference, Ecency is based on a blockchain which means content is immutable and uncensorable. You own your community and account, nobody but you have full control of your data. Empowering true free speech. Ecency is also opensource, rewarding and innovative, built and owned by users. Aspire for greatness!

What is Hive blockchain?

Hive is a blockchain that was designed to be fast, feeless, decentralized, uncensored platform for Web3.0 applications, with built-in features where stake holders can earn rewards by staking, curating, posting, playing games, trading - all without any middle man (decentralized). Tokens on Hive blockchain called HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER.

Why would I choose Ecency?

Tailored feature set to empower you to create, inspire your audience and community. Ecency mobile application giving you on-go solution. With desktop app you are always sure to get uncensored content right from the blockchain, with website reach thousands of readers accross globe with best ranked content on search engines. State of art security measures so your keys will always stay encrypted and out of reach for ill-intentioned individuals. Fast and beautiful website, helps you to get discovered online and gain exposure for your content and gain loyal followers and readers. Build your community with Ecency today and take advantages of emerging blockchain technology and uncensored content, true free speech!

How does Ecency work?

Ecency stores and reads data from the blockchain, and thus data is accessible and uncensored. Ecency rewards content creators with built-in incentive mechanism of blockchain, with tokens (HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER) as well as Points. Tokens can be purchased and sold in major cryptocurrency exchanges (e.g. Binance, Bittrex). Points could be utilized within platform and traded for goods, services.

How to join Ecency?

Go to and create an account. After signup you will receive email with further instructions. Your password is your master password to your account. Please store it safely, if you loose your password, you ultimately loose access to your account and your funds. Accounts cannot be deactivated or deleted, account names can not be changed as well. The account along with all of its activity is permanently stored in the blockchain. Without password, accounts cannot be restored, store your keys safely.

Can I change my username?

Account names on Ecency and Hive blockchain can not be changed. If you would like a new account name, you can create new account.

Can I delete or deactivate my account?

Accounts on Ecency can not be deactivated or deleted. The account along with all of its activity is permanently stored in the Hive blockchain.

How to sign in to Ecency?

You can sign-in to Ecency by using your Username and Master password or by using Active Private Keys. We take security very seriously, that's why we never store your private keys, on mobile app they are encrypted with extra PIN code of your choice, on website they are never stored. You can also use Hivesigner OAuth2 authentication service to easily login, manage and perform actions.

How to contribute to the Ecency?

Our awesome contributors helping us to shape Ecency. You can be part of this great movement, by joining our Translation team: Website, Mobile or by contributing with Ideas, Developing, Designing, Social media outreach skills. We try our best to support our contributors!

How referral system work on Ecency?

Referral system is simple, you can invite your friends by adding your username in this link and share it with your friends. Once your friends join Ecency and earn their first 250 Points, you will earn 100 Points. There is no limits on referrals and its reward.

What are Ecency Points and how to use them?

Ecency Points are continually minted and rewarded for all users for various social activities they perform on website, mobile or desktop app. Points can be used for promoting, boosting your content, can even be transferred or gifted to another user. You can also purchase Points with our mobile apps.

Where do the tokens come from?

The Hive network continually creates new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to platform by posting, commenting, and voting on other people's posts. The remainder is distributed to holders of HIVE POWER and the witnesses that secures the blockchain.

What are Resource Credits?

Transacting on the Hive blockchain has zero fees, transaction rate-limiting is employed to safeguard the blockchain from spam attacks. Every action that you take on the blockchain will consume a small amount of Resource Credits. This includes posting, commenting, voting, transferring tokens, etc. Viewing content does not consume Resource Credits.

Every user has a limited amount of Resource Credits to use each week. The more transactions a user does, the less Resource Credits they will have left (until they recharge). Users with more HIVE POWER will have more Resource Credits.

If you run out of Resource Credits, you will be unable to transact with the blockchain until your Resource Credits recharge (happens automatically) or you acquire additional HIVE POWER to increase your Resource Credit balance or you can request Boosting account from Ecency to receive temporary delegation.

How content promotion works?

Promoting content on Ecency is very simple and easy. Ecency Points are used to promote content for 1, 2, 3, 7 or 14 days to get more exposure. Promoted posts are shuffled across the feeds to all users in mobile app, desktop app and website. There is no limit or restrictions, any post can be promoted to get more exposure and engagement. We hold right to remove posts from promotion list if it violates certain internet etiquette.

How content boosting works?

Points can be used for boosting content (post and comments). Boosting requests are manually reviewed by our moderators and curators which might take upto 24 hours.

As part of the qualities check, we may consider: a) Content is original content, b) Not detected by cheetah, mackbot, hivewatchers, or any other blacklists etc. c) User is not in Ecency blacklist due to abusive behavior.

Boosting does not guarantee curation, if content is not curated within 24 hours Points will be refunded.

Why refund happens on boosting?

Boosting content reviewed and evaluated by our curators in their first 24 hours. Refund might happen due to multiple reasons, after 24 hours if no curator reviewed/curated content, if content is template or low effort based, if author has history of plagiarism, abuse, phishing or spamming, if content is too old to curate as new content gets more priority during review process.

Is boosting considered a vote buying?

No! Because, there is no guarantee of receiving vote, there is no guarantee of exact amount of vote, boosting maximum amount is limited, each content reviewed by our curators, there is no profit in it. All curation rewards are sent back to delegators 100%. Only measurable success we seek is to see engagement and growth on entire ecosystem. Boosting is simply creating additional use case for Ecency Points to improve engagement on platform, so it is essentially same as any other curation guilds on Hive. Goal of those guilds ultimately to improve engagement on platform and grow activity, the way each measures that success is the different.

What are the differences in Reward types?

In publishing settings section, you can see 3 different Reward types/choices.

  • 50%/50% - This rewards in half Hive Power, and half liquid HIVE / Hive Dollars. The ratio of liquid HIVE to Hive Dollars rewarded is based on network conditions at the time of payout. This is the default payout option.
  • Power Up 100% - This option rewards the post in 100% Hive Power.
  • Decline Payout - Use this option to receive no post rewards. Votes will affect the post's position on the trending ranking but no rewards are paid from Hive's reward pool. Replies made to the post are still eligible for rewards.

Is it possible to guest post on your website?

Publishing on Ecency is simple and easy, Signup to open your own blog and community, start posting your content.

Can I request adding backlink to my website from Ecency team?

All the content on our site is created by our users and we don't modify or able to add backlinks. You are free to contact author of the post or Signup to open your own blog and community, publish articles to create backlinks for free.

Content source labels, what are those?

Content source helps you understand how content was published. In some cases you may see a third-party client name, which indicates the Content came from a non-Ecency application. Authors sometimes use third-party client applications to manage their blogs, communities. Third-party clients are software tools used by authors and therefore are not affiliated with, nor do they reflect the views of, the content. Content can be directly created by humans or, in some circumstances, automated by an application.

How to transfer blockchain tokens?

After login, you will find Wallet page in top header on website and desktop app or in Profile page, bottom navigation bar on mobile app. In wallet page you can initiate transfer of any token you hold to another user or exchange accounts, click on arrow next to your balance and find transfer operations. Transfers are irreversible because they are registered on blockchain, make sure to send correct recipient.

How do I see my post rewards?

In Wallet page (in top header on website and desktop app, bottom navigation bar on mobile app), you can see Curation rewards (the rewards earned for upvoting posts and comments) and Author rewards (the rewards earned by your own posts and comments)

You can also view the same information for other users by visiting their wallet profile.

When can I claim my rewards?

Posts and comments remain active for 7 days and rewards are fluctuates depending on votes and market price of token, that is why rewards are approximated as pending reward. When the period is over, pending reward changes to actual reward and you are able to claim earned rewards. In your Wallet, click the Claim Rewards button to add the tokens to your account.

How token exchange works?

Exchanging and trading tokens on Ecency is very simple. We utilize internal peer to peer, decentralized exchange built into Hive blockchain. Offer easy to use interface so you can exchange one token to another, completely decentralized manner. Create buy or sell order and wait for other people to fill your order. If you want to quickly swap tokens then you can fill someone else's open order for quick trade.

How to request account boosting?

If your account is low on Resource Credits, you can request account boosting from Ecency. You will receive 30 days delegation which should boost your account to perform more activities on blockchain. Delegation could be withdrawn anytime if our team finds inappropriate use of power. You can find account boosting feature in Points options.

How DHF works?

Anyone can create a proposal and convince community to vote on their proposal to get funded. Before creating proposal, normal post should be published on blockchain and it is recommended to gather feedback before creating proposal. Proposal creation has fee of 10 HBD + 1 HBD for each day it lasts over 60 days.

Once proposal reaches certain threshold of tallied votes, it will start receiving funds each hour. If proposal falls below threshold, system will halt funding for that proposal. You can vote as many proposals as you want, there are no limits. Proposal cannot be edited, but can be deleted/withdrawn by creator.

What is considered spam or abuse?

  • Plagiarized posts or copied content.
  • Leaving nearly identical or materially similar comments on multiple posts.
  • Using tags that are unrelated to the post.
  • Threatening users with any type of physical violence.
  • Not citing sources when using someone else’s material.
  • Posting ‘not safe for work’ content without using the “nsfw” tag.
  • Scams or Fraudulent offers.