US ELECTIONS: Top 10 people & things to blame if…


Our @leecamp is inactive at Hive for the last seven months, which is a real shame. He has a unique way to explain US political theater. In his latest Redacted Tonight show, he listed Top 10 people & things to blame if Biden loses the presidential rat race…

Having in mind an election setup, where any ‘choice’ will end in a win for plutocracy and a loss for the 99%, in this episode he obviously had in mind revelation of character and deeds of the candidate representing slightly more senile half of the political theater – Joe Biden.

Duration: 12:35

Dismantling a ‘democracy’ hoax is best done through satire. Laughter releases us from fear. Especially if you insert undeniable facts into the satire allowing people to remember the criminals and their crimes. I dare you to forget this:

[7:27] And just when it seemed like Sanders was going to run the table, his holiness Barack Obama got out of his golden throne, called over his chimney sweep Pete Buttigieg and told him to drop out of the race or he wouldn’t get a lollipop for a month…

This is in your head now. And you cannot forget it or unremember it any more.

As for the list of the Top 10 things and almost people, @lighteye has one addition for Lee Camp:

Top 10 people & things to blame if Biden loses:

10. Joe Biden
9. Democrats (Pelosi & Schumer)
8. Kamala Harris
7. Bill Clinton
6. Democratic gutting of the US Postal Service
5. Barack Obama

4. DNC for rigging the primary elections

3. Mainstream media

2. Biden’s entire career

1. Media, democrats and liberal ‘elite’ for not covering, talking about or standing up to Trump’s true crimes.

Addition would be a criminal social media choice of the things to censor. They have blocked an obvious corruption affair with at least two Bidens involved. They would do better censoring some statements of Joe Biden, because they can make much more damage to his campaign then The New York Post could:

Duration: 1:06

Thank God elections are so near. A few more statements like this, and no ‘Russiagate’ will be able to cover that bunch of bull… nonsense. Speaking of Russians, they are not on the list? How come?

They will certainly be the first choice of Dummocrats… if they continue to exist after the election. 😉

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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