US ELECTION FRAUD 2020: Who Really Won the Elections?

I have to say, United States election system is not easy to explain to the foreigners. The most persistent among them will learn how does it function in every State, and will even be able to explain it to their countrymen. Those are so called ‘U.S. Election Experts’. Now, even they are stuck in this situation…

So, Biden won and he will be a new President, right? Well, maybe. He will be a President if everyone goes blind on this list our @notable has found. And now we find out that State Courts and Federal Supreme Court can make a mess out of this victory, ‘clean as a whistle’. But until the Court decision takes efect, the Vicepresident may become a President. Furthermore, we can end with Nancy Pelosi as President!

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How is this possible? Better to leave to a real American (OK, a descendant of a settlers or immigrants {who usually come and end up genociding the natives}) to explain the nuances of the election system there – J. P. Sears, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Duration: 5:27

Strange. He forgot to mention that Electoral College of the United States, which must be formed by the Constitution, and must convene on December 14th for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president. What is going to happen if red states refuse to participate? Is that even possible without violent demonstrations?

What if Congress on January 6th refuses to confirm election results? Can anyone explain what then?

Can Biden be pushed through the system of election steal to the position of POTUS without a complete social collapse? Will he be fit to find the inauguration location? If not, will Kamala be a winner of a ‘steal the POTUS title’ game? And who will be her vicepresident? And how long will she be fit for the POTUS if her vicepresident is incidentally someone with the initials HRC? Think whatever you wish, but these elections will not kill the virus of Trumpism:


Of course, we can argue that the Empire already won an ultimate victory by installing a billionaire as a ‘leader’ of the oppressed and robbed masses. An icon of the poor… That’s how far manipulation of human minds can go.

Then, there is another question: Will the Internet be able to absorb dissatisfaction of Trump supporters? You know, the masses left at the bottom of a social cauldron only with a bare view at the growing gap between them and the oligarchy. The Empire has some really sophisticated network mechanisms to do that, but they work only to the point of empty stomachs. Then the only means left are – revolution or war. Big war. And it can happen under the famous rule: “Either revolution prevents war, or war causes revolution.”

If you think something else can happen, you can comment it here, of course.

And if you are still not satisfied, you can go to and make your own President!


Oh, America, how has your democracy progressed comparing it to the rest of the World. Everywhere else, parties in power are stealing the elections, only in United States opposition can steal the elections!

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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