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After the monumental collapse of the Parler platform, we saw the new Presidential page, we heard rumors about Trump’s competing Twitter-like platform, and even about the parallel Internet as Trump’s response to censorhip. Today we have… a spectacular anticlimax!

So, Trump’s platform was launched on March 24th, but somehow corporate media has missed the event. It was officially opened with a praise to David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. It is powered by the Campaign Nucleus platform as the rumors were stating. But that is all. If you’ve expected something revolutionary, like decentralized Hive network, you are free to feel disappointed. The best this platform can do is – trolling Twitter and Facebook, since you do have buttons for sharing to those Big Tech monsters.

And yes, Trump used his chance to troll them, or for example Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney. However, you can’t take over power by trolling only. Is he an unfortunate victim of a believe in ‘democracy’ who took his role of POTUS too seriously? The Empire immediately let him know that he neither was a president nor can he hope for anything at the next election theater:

In a statement on Wednesday, the board announced that it “upholds Facebook's decision on January 7, 2021, to restrict then-president Donald Trump's access to posting content on his Facebook page and Instagram account.”

Even as President, Trump couldn’t bring at the key positions in his administration people who would be loyal to him. He appointed new Supreme Court judges and they have betrayed him. He appointed Gina Haspel (CIA) and Christopher Wray (FBI) and – you guessed it – they betrayed him. And with this ridiculous platform he certainly cannot protect those rare people who were really loyal to him, like for example Rudy Giuliani:

Duration: 24:15

This case confirms that there are no more US of A as the founding fathers imagined it. Republic is destroyed and replaced by corporatocracy. You can’t bring Republic back through the Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix of corporatocracy by peaceful means.

Whether he was a mere fool or an Imperial actor in a puppet theater, Trump missed his chance.

Remember, if he was truly committed to the salvation of America, he would never let Julian Assange rot in jail…

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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