Collection of Works (Part 4)

Updated 21/11/2022

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to my fourth instalment of my collection of Hive works. I have previously authored three posts containing my work from June 2017 up until present. This fourth instalment has been considered necessary, as the previous three instalments have grown large. Most of the content in this fourth instalment relates to Hive and my experience on Hive. As part of the update, the previous three posts have also been updated and will be continued to be updated with new posts on a regular basis. The updated Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the collection of works can be accessed using the following links.

As with the previous collections of work, I have divided my subject matter into categories. The categories included in Part 4 are as follows:

  • Getting to know me
  • Steem/Hive Economics
  • Steem/Hive Milestones
  • Spectrum Economics on holiday
  • Captain Hive

Getting to know me


Most of my posts relate to economics. However, sometimes I like to take a break from economics and discuss some of my other interests. I think it is important for my readers and viewers to see other sides of me. This is the section where I will introduce you to my dogs, tell you about my theories about time travel and talk about Christmas.

Introducing Spectrum Economics

Walking the Dogs - Just getting some fresh air with my boys

Spectrum Economics Christmas Story

Fun Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Happy Christmas from Spectrumecons

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) – Squirt the Whale

Time Travel – Multiverse and Avengers Endgame

Do I live in the land of the Unicorns?

Spectrumecons First 3Speak Video - My encounters with censorship on social media

Creating my own style with my PNG images

My Steem Cars

Getting creative with Steem logos in WWE 2K19

My Super Bowl Prediction

Spectrumecons 2019 Christmas Post

Spectrumecons New Look

Perfection – The curse so many of us pursue

It’s Hive Time

Creating a new look for Spectrumecons on Hive

My Hive Cars

God, Gods, Aliens, and Trolls

Christmas Movies I watched this year

NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions (2020/2021 Season)

Reflecting on my NFL Playoff Predictions

Should we be striving for perfection?

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Super Bowl 56 (2022) Prediction

Getting to the Book

Spectrumecons New Look in 2022

What would get me to the ballot box?

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Frozen Adventure (Video)

[What would get me to the ballot box?](Discussion on possible Labour Party proposals)](@spectrumecons/what-would-get-me-to-the-ballot-box-discussion-on-possible-labour-party-proposals)

My Religion: A Mixture of Gnostic Christianity and Personal Pursuit of Knowledge

Steem/Hive Economics


The idea of social media on the blockchain is very interesting. Steem is the first blockchain to be dedicated to social media. Hundreds of applications have been built on Steem/Hive. They vary from video sharing and streaming to blogs to photographs and even fitness.

I have been fortunate to be one of the first economists to be able to explore the operation of Steem/Hive. I have explained the economics of how Steem/Hive functions. I have investigated what is successful as well as some of the problems and challenges. So far, I have analysed the impact of bots, the distribution of rewards, the Steemit/Hive Dapp user interfaces, promotion of content, and investment options. My posts are available in the links below.


Steem explained by an economist

Steem explained by an economist (Video Version)

Bid Bots and the possible economic implications

Changing the way voting works to improve fairness and rewards – My little fantasy

The Trending Page AKA the Front Page of Steemit

How do we prevent market failure caused by over delegation of Steem Power to bid-bots?

The economic implications of the existence of the rewards pool

Advice to Potential Investors in Steem

Promoting Content (Part 1) - Promoting content on Steem

Promoting Content (Part 2) - Promoting Steem on other social media

Is the Steem ecosystem in disequilibrium? (Part 1 – Witnesses)

Is the Steem ecosystem in disequilibrium? (Part 2 – Content Creators and Curators)

Is the Steem ecosystem in disequilibrium? (Part 3 – Applications and Services)

Is the Steem ecosystem in disequilibrium? (Part 4 – Passive Income)

Is the Steem ecosystem in disequilibrium? (Part 5 – Combination of solutions)

Proposed changes to the Steem rewards and curation algorithms

Steem - The Future of DApps (60 Seconds of Steem)

Promoting Content (Part 1) - Promoting content on Steem (Video Version)

Promoting Content (Part 2) - Promoting Steem on other social media (Video Version)

Rewards Pool (Video)

Advice to Potential Investors in Steem (Video)

Steem Rewards Curve - Bend or not to bend?

Steem(it)’s Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP)

Taking a closer look at the EIP 2e12 Reward Curve

Palnet – A big step in the right direction

Ideas for profit sharing with Steem DApps

Tribes – The Steem Game Changer

My curation practices and thoughts on observed changes to curation

To Power Up or not to Power Up, that is the question

Guide to Steem Ecosystem Course Content

Guide to the Steem Ecosystem (Free Udemy Course)

Steem Communities (Beta Version)

Welcome to the Economics Community

Alternative use of SteemPeak Bookmarks and Labels

We have an amazing community

Exploring Steem Communities

Steem Witnesses - Weighted votes based on ranking

How reducing the number of witness votes per account can improve decentralisation

Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@spectrumecons) open letter to you!

What does the death of Steem mean for cryptocurrency?

Guide to the Hive and Steem Ecosystems Udemy Course

Important Hive Links

Review of the Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP)

Fixing my posts from

If it is on the Blockchain it can be automated (example of curating content)

Hive Price

The Great Bull Run of 2021 and My Concerns for Hive

A glance back at the 2021 Bull Run

Hive – How decentralised are we?

Steem/Hive Milestones


I have been on Hive for over two years. During the course of this journey, I have reached several milestones. These milestones could relate to number of followers, reputation score, anniversaries, or even a major power up. I have also included posts relating to some of my activities on Hive as well as updates.

Spectrum Economics reaches 100 followers on Steemit

Spectrum Economics reaches 200 followers

Spectrum Economics Line Up for November

2017 Year in Review (Part 1)

2017 Year in Review (Part 2)

1000 Followers - Steemit dreams coming true

Questions to be added to economics posts and videos - Chance to win SBD

2000 followers and going strong, thank you Steemit

Status update for the next few weeks

Proposed Collection of Works (Includes rambling about bots and mild blowing of own trumpet)

One Year on Steemit

Spectrum Economics Updated Website

Spectrum Economics tries live streaming (FAILED - Sorry still learning)

3,000 follower milestone plus sharing post payouts with upvoters

Best of Steem by Spectrum Economics - Facebook Page


Beneficiary Rewards (Distributed over 13 posts)

I am an Orca (Really Big Dolphin)

Spectrumecons 2018 Year in Review (Part 1)

Spectrumecons 2018 Year in Review (Part 2)

Comparison between my first 50 posts and my recent 50 posts

Steem – We are living in the Wild West

Making the most of Actifit and the reports

Spectrum Economics Powers Up 777 Steem

Two Years on the Steem Blockchain

Organising Posts

100,000 Steem Power Milestone

Spectrumecons 2019 Year in Review

2020 Vision

500 Posts on Steem/Hive

Three Years on Hive/Steem

Spectrumecons 2020 Year in Review

My Plans for 2021

Four Years on Hive

Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022 (Part 1: New Home)

Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022 (Part 2: Hive Content)

Five Years on Hive

Spectrum Economics on holiday


I like to travel now again. I have been to many different and exciting places. Hive is the ideal place for me to share some of my experiences with my audience. So far, I have posted videos of my trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta as well as a short video about the Carnival Legend on my visit to Alaska. I will have several more videos about my adventures up in Alaska, which I will share with my audience.

Travelling is one the best ways of opening our minds to the world. I try to bring as much of an open mind as I can to most of work. The world can be a very strange place. Believing can be difficult unless we experience it firsthand ourselves.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta - Economist on Holiday

Spectrum Economics Trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Uluru Exclusive Footage

Kata Tjuta Exclusive Footage

Going away for a few weeks

Alaska Cruise on the Carnival Legend (DTube Video)

Spectrum Economics in Seattle

White Pass & Yukon Route Railway (Skagway) Adventure

Captain Hive


I created a separate account on Hive to emphasize the pictures and images that I have created for my @spectrumecons account. The pictures and images serve the purpose of helping explain the written content. The images are created from a combination of PNGs created from photographs of collectibles, photographs from holidays, and screenshots from my creations from PS4 games. The PNGs are put together using Microsoft PowerPoint to create pictures that help tell the story of the content. Text is often added to the pictures for dialog. I occasional create GIFs using combinations of pictures.

Introducing Captain Hive

Captain Hive Covid-19 Share

May Creations

Captain Hive is an Orca

This brings me to the end of my fourth instalment of my collection of works. This post as well as the previous three instalments will be updated every couple of months. Once, my content has expanded beyond a reasonable capacity for four posts, I will create my fifth instalment.

More posts


If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These 'Collection of Works' posts have been updated to contain links to the Hive versions of my posts.





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