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I have created an economics community. Economics is incredibly broad. Literally, everything you see around you is influenced by economics in one way or another. This community welcomes anyone to share or create any content that is linked directly or indirectly to economics. Content directly related to economics could include:

  • Economic theory (e.g. game theory or producer theory)
  • Economic application (e.g. entrepreneurship or investment decisions)
  • Economic analysis (e.g. impact of a new mall on local house prices)
  • Economic policy (e.g. reducing corporate tax)
  • Economic news (e.g. rise of unemployment in Region X)
  • Economic events (e.g. election of a right wing president or the G7 Summit)
  • Economic forecasts/predictions (e.g. predicted fourth quarter change in the CPI)
  • Opinions regarding anything related to economics (e.g. Your views on privatising hospitals)

Content indirectly related to economics could include anything that has some form of economic impact or could be explained using economic analysis or just an economic thought process. The following are just a few examples of areas that can be considered indirectly related to economics and therefore suitable for this community.

  • World events (e.g. war in the Middle East)
  • The environment (e.g. deforestation in South America)
  • Political events (e.g. XYZ By-election)
  • Social problems (e.g. Increasing number of food allergy cases)
  • Sports events (e.g. Olympic Games)
  • Technology (e.g. Tesla trucks)
  • Social events (e.g. Annual Clown Club Meetup)
  • Personal events (e.g. your daughter’s 10th birthday party arrangements)
  • Opinions or views that can be supported by economic theory or indicators

You do not need to be an economist or even have any background in economics to post in this community. All that is required is an interest in economics and content that could stimulate thought provoking discussions.

This community is flexible to a wide variety of content as long as it has at least some connection to economics. The type of content that is not suitable for this community would include:

  • Actifit Report Cards
  • Photographs that do not contain text that could stimulate further discussion
  • Pornography
  • Posts that are completely unrelated to economics (e.g. how to draw a flamingo)

Content relating to developments in cryptocurrency or the blockchain are generally welcome. However, technical analysis of price movements is less welcome and considered too focused for this community. This community has a broad focus and is not intended to be dominated by cryptocurrency discussions.

If you have content that you think would be a good fit to what I have described in this post, feel free to post to the ‘Economics Community’. You can post directly to the community using beta.steemit.com. You should also be able to post to this community using hive-112018 as your first tag.

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Guide to the Steem Ecosystem (Udemy Course)


I have launched my Udemy course ‘Guide to the Steem Ecosystem’. This course takes you on journey through the Steem Ecosystem. The course consists of 6 sections. These sections are as follows:

  • Getting Started
  • Navigating Steem Frontends
  • Becoming a Steem User
  • Behind the Scenes
  • The Wonders of the Steem Ecosystem
  • Additional Content (SteemFest 4, SMTs, Communities, etc.)

The course contains 56 video lectures (about 13.5 hours of viewing), 56 multiple-choice questions (10 to 12 at the end of each section), and 59 downloadable resources (presentation slides and additional material such as white and blue papers). The course is free-of-charge. Click the link above to access the course.

I also have an economics course, titled Economics is for Everyone, which contains about 4 hours of video content.



Steem - The Future of DApps


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