Collection of Works (Part 2)

Updated 26/09/2022

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This post continues from Collection of Works (Part 1). The categories included in Part 2 are as follows:

  • Economic Theory
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Market Structure
  • Macroeconomics
  • Covid-19 Series
  • Economics Facts
  • Economics is everywhere

Economics Theory


I have written quite a few posts relating to economic theory. Most of these posts focus on explaining the economic theory as well as how the theory is applied to the real world. Economics is often taught in a way that is detached to the real world and I have attempted to close the gap with several of these posts. Economic theories also tend to be interlinked. On most occasions when I discuss a theory, knowledge of another theory is required.

Economics Basics - Utility and Choice

Economics Basics - Cooperation and Specialisation

Economics Basics - Time vs Quantity

Economics Basics – The Market

Economic Basics - Money

Economics Basics - Authority

Demand and Supply - Part 1 Partial Market Equilibrium

Demand and Supply - Part 2 Demand and Supply from an Individual's Perspective

Demand and Supply - Part 3 Demand and Supply from a Firm's Perspective

Making the Most of Our Time

The Different Types of Economic Efficiency

Economic efficiency explained in video

Economic Concepts #1 - Utility

Economic Concepts #2 - Specialisation

Economic Concepts #3 - Substitutes vs. Complements

Economic Concepts #4 - Auctions

Economic Concepts #5 - Demand, Supply and Equilibrium

Economic Concepts #6 – General Equilibrium

Economic Concept - Demand and Supply (Video)

Economic Concepts - Complements and Substitutes Explained

General Equilibrium Theory - Understanding the Basics

Economic Concepts #7- Indifference Curves

Economic Concepts #8 - Giffen Goods

Specialisation - Comparative Advantage

Economic Concepts #9 – Price elasticity of demand

Economic Concepts - Auctions (Video)

Indifference Curves - First to answer both questions correctly wins 1 SBD, all attempts will receive upvotes

Economic Concepts - Giffen Goods (Video)

Difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

Economic Concepts #10 – Marginal Utility

Economic Concepts #11 - Externalities

Economic Concepts #12 – Opportunity Cost

Economic Concepts #13 – Commodity Bundling

Economic Concepts #14 – Price Discrimination

Relative Utility Approach

Will we always have a market for lemons?

Applying Intertemporal Choice

Marginal Utility Explained

Externalities Explained (Video)

Price Discrimination (Video Version)

Commodity Bundling (Video Version)

Utility Production and Consumption

Cost Benefit Analysis


I have many posts dedicated to cost benefit analysis (CBA). When I worked in Government, conducting and reviewing CBA was a critical part of my job. I thought I would take the opportunity to share my knowledge. My posts look at both theory and application.

Cost Benefit Analysis Video

Cost Benefit Analysis Discount Rate

Cost Benefit Analysis Assumptions

Social impact evaluation an integrated-approach to project evaluation

Integrating social impact evaluation with cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis criteria for decision making

Cost benefit analysis sensitivity analysis

Cost benefit analysis sensitivity analysis excel model project output sensitivity tester post

Cost Benefit Analysis – Basics

Economic concepts - cost benefit analysis steps involved

Content to be included in my CBA Udemy Course

Cost Benefit Analysis Udemy Course

Outline of a possible Cost Benefit Analysis Framework for Covid-19 Vaccines

Market Structure


In my market structure series, I described and explained 6 different market structures. I explained these over 14 posts, 7 written posts and 7 videos. The videos supported the content in the written posts as well as provided my audience with an alternative medium to experience my content. The written and video series also included introduction posts that provided a broad overview of the content.

The series explained the theory as well as the application of these market structures to the real world. The oligopsony market structure was explained in the context of Steem. As Steem, with its stake-based voting system, resembles a market structure with many sellers but very few buyers (i.e. users receive most of their post payout from just a few users/buyers).

The real world application of market structures is an important area that readers, both economists and non-economists, should understand. As the type of market structure adopted determines who has the greater influence over price and quantity as well as who takes away the most surplus. Oligopoly and monopoly benefit the sellers whereas perfect competition and monopsony benefit the buyers. The entire series can be accessed using the links below.

Market Structure #1 - Introduction

Market Structure #2 - Perfect Competition

Market Structure #3 - Monopolistic Competition

Market Structure #4 - Oligopoly

Market Structure #5 - Monopoly

Market Structure #6 - Monopsony

Market Structure #7 – Oligopsony (Is Steem an oligopsony for content creators?)

Introduction to Market Structure - Video Series

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Perfect Competition

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Monopolistic Competition

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Oligopoly

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Monopoly

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Monopsony

Market Structure (The Video Series) - Oligopsony (Is Steem an oligopsony for content creators?)



An economics account on Hive would not be complete without a section or series on macroeconomics. I consider myself more of a microeconomist but I also realise it is important to understand macroeconomic concepts and application. Macroeconomics is also where the most amount of manipulation takes place. I will, over time, be expanding on this series.

Macroeconomics Basic Concepts

Macroeconomics - Unemployment

Macroeconomics - Inflation

Macroeconomics - Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy

Macroeconomic - Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy Dtube Video

What’s going on with Brexit?

Free movement of people

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Centre Seattle (Video)

Trade, money, debt, waste, and power

Trade Bloc or Trade Block?

Brexit – Still hanging around

Technology – Curse or blessing?

Less jobs vs less working hours – Further discussion about efficiency and technology

Technology and Employment

Brexit confusion continues

Is Brexit actually going to happen?

The Brexit Election

Will Brexit unite the Commonwealth?

Needs, Wants and Outputs

The Masters of Production

A Few Thoughts on the Importance of Competition and Markets

Accessing the Potential of Technology

Covid-19 Series


I put together a series of posts that investigated the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The series focused on the social, economic and financial impact of the virus and measures used to combat it for the short, medium, and long run. The original 8 Part series was written in April 2020. Therefore, the analysis was conducted during the pandemic. At that point, there were unknown factors relating to the true nature of the virus as well as the full extent of the damage caused by the virus. Covid-19 will be revisited when more information is available or it has run its course.

Covid-19 – Part 1: Identifying the threat

Covid-19 – Part 2: We live in a fragile world

Covid-19 – Part 3: Predicting the impact economic forces will have on prices of goods and services

Covid-19 – Part 4: Government Intervention

Covid-19 – Part 5: Possible impact of Government Intervention on the economy

Covid-19 – Part 6: Expected Social Costs

Covid-19 – Part 7: Winners and Losers

Covid-19 – Part 8: The road ahead

Summary of Spectrumecons Covid-19 Series

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 1: Introduction

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 2: Macro Reset (Economic and Societal Resets)

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 3: Macro Reset (Geo-political, Environmental and Technological Resets)

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 4: Micro Reset

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 5: Individual Reset

My summary and opinions regarding ‘The Great Reset’ – Part 6: Conclusion

My Concerns about the Covid-19 Vaccines

A Peripheral look at the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution

Summary of the Vaccine Death Report

The fall of Australia plus my experience prior to the fall

Covid-19 Assault: Have the Establishment made the Right Moves? (Part 1)

Covid-19 Assault: Have the Establishment made the Right Moves? (Part 2)

Covid-19 Assault: Have the Establishment made the Right Moves? (Part 3)

Omicron Omi-Con Omi-Gone

Economics Facts (Top 10s)


This series never really got going but I am still considering revisiting it at some point. When I first joined YouTube I made some videos where I analysed income and inequality in several different countries (mostly focused on OECD countries). On Hive, I created posts containing these videos.

Top 16 highest earning countries

Top 10 countries OECD with the fastest growing income inequality

In which OECD country can you earn the highest income per hour?

Economics is everywhere


Economics is everywhere is a series that takes a look at how economics is literally all around us in our daily lives. This series contains both videos and written posts. This series mostly targets people who are less familiar with economics but are interested to know more about how economics affects them.

Economics is Everywhere #1

Economics is Everywhere #2 - Supermarket

Economics is Everywhere #3 - Going on a Date

Economics is Everywhere #4 - Working Out

Economics is Everywhere (Dtube Video)

Economics is Everywhere #2 - At the Supermarket (Dtube Video)

Economics is Everywhere - Even on a date

Economics is Everywhere - Going on Holiday (Part 1)

Economics is Everywhere – Going on Holiday (Part 2)

To be continued in Part 3 - Collection of Works (Part 3)

More posts


If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These posts will be updated frequently.





Economics Udemy Course


I have launched my first Udemy course ‘Economics is for Everyone’. The course focuses on how economics affects everyday people, the decisions they make and how they interact with the world around them. The course contains 24 video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing), 64 multiple-choice questions (3 at the end of most lectures), 32 downloadable resources (presentation slides, additional notes and links to relevant Hive posts), and 2 scenario questions. The course is currently free-of-charge. Click the link above to access the course.



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