Collection of Works (Part 1)

Updated 05/02/2023

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This post is the first post in a series of posts that contain the links to all the posts I have created on Hive so far. I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where all my posts can be easily accessed. I have divided my posts into several categories. The categories included in Part 1 are as follows:

  • Piecing Together My Work
  • Economic Solutions
  • Conference Papers
  • Economic Models
  • Game Theory
  • Dark Side Economics
  • Cruelty-free economics, veganism, and animal cruelty topics

Altogether, I have over 400 posts. Take a look through, maybe something will catch your interest.

Piecing Together My Work


This series of posts focuses on tying all my work together. My work mostly focuses on economics with a few other topics thrown in such as games, contests, and vegan topics. Many of my economics posts appear technical and from a glance may seem to apply to a small audience. Many of these posts provide important background and theory to my more applied economic posts.

Games and contests serve the purpose of stimulating the thought process of my audience. Most of my contests apply analysis and/or some economic theory. The vegan topics are part of a new area of economics, which I am attempting to develop. These posts attempt to evaluate the real costs of animal cruelty. Understanding cruelty to animals can also help understand cruelty that people inflict upon each other,

Piecing together my work to create a bigger picture (first attempt)

Why is it important to understand economics?

Designing an economics course for everyone

Scenario Questions (Economics)

Economics is for Everyone (Udemy Course)

Two things that could change the world

What do we want?

Exploring the Political Spectrum (Octagon Model)

My Projects as an Economist

Power, Money and Me Me Me

Self-righteous Identification

A World of Tolerance

When Less is More

I’m back making videos

Freedom Based Economics

What Do We Want? (Video Version)

Broad Political Spectrum (Video)

Why I choose to be an Economist on Hive

My Work in Economics (Video)

Power, Money, and Me Me Me (Video Version)

The Power of Opposition in the Face of Growing Tyranny

Economics is for Everyone (All Course Videos)

My Collection of Works

Freedom for Us, Them, and Everyone (Part 1)

Freedom for Us, Them, and Everyone (Part 2)

Making information work for us and not against us

Being controlled with our own money

Economic Solutions


The ‘Economic Solutions’ series of posts, investigates economic problems with a proposed ‘Prevent, Solve, or Manage’ approach. Preventing, solving, and managing economic problems is both generically explained as well as in the context of particular areas such as education, health, crime, and housing.

This series of posts is also segues into Blockchain Economics. The blockchain will be discussed in the context of responding to economic problems that the market struggles to handle and Governments cannot be trusted to handle.

Prevent, Solve or Manage

Health - Prevent, Cure, or Treat

Crime – Prevent, Fix, or Manage

Housing – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Education – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Travel, Transport, and Transportation – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Migration – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Money – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Environment – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

Leadership – Prevent, Solve, or Manage

The Blockchain Economy

Blockchain Government – Part 1: Breaking Down the Existing System

Blockchain Government – Part 2: Leadership from the Blockchain

Blockchain based Virtual Shopping Hubs

Prevent, Solve, or Manage (Video Version)

Causes, Problems, and Symptoms

Conferences and Papers


I have attended close to a dozen conferences. Mostly of these conferences were held in Australia. I attended one in Frankfurt, Germany. I enjoy presenting at conferences but it has been awhile since I have attended one. I think the last one I attended was in Melbourne in 2016. My papers focus on transport economics and CBA.

How the results of a cost benefit analysis (CBA) are influenced by assumptions

Does induced demand erode project benefits

Higher operating speeds from improved infrastructure might be causing more fatal accidents

Economics Model (Transport Multi-modal) Presented at ARRB Conference 2014

Cost Benefit Analysis of Upgrading Rural Bridges (2014 European Transport Conference)

Cost Benefit Analysis - Program Evaluation (25th ARRB Conference)

Cost Benefit Analysis - Program Evaluation Case Study (Australasian Transport Research Forum)

Cost Benefit Analysis - Dealing with capacity constraints

Cost Benefit Analysis - Approach to Flood Immunity Projects and Programs (ATRF Conference Paper)

Economics Models

I have always enjoyed playing around with spreadsheets. I have developed over a dozen spreadsheets/models used for economic analysis. Unfortunately, I am unable to present these models, as I do not legally have the rights to them. I have used screenshots from some of these models in some of my posts before. I have developed an excel-based game that I call ‘life choices’ and I have made some videos and posts about this game.

Fun Excel Game

Life Choices - an economics excel-based game

The Excel-based Game 'Life Choices' Explained


I have also designed a ‘Social Economic Utility Analysis’ Model. This model can be used to compare the relative utility someone can obtain from various choices regarding usage of time. A person could spend more time working to accumulate more money in an attempt to improve quality of time away from work. A person may choose to work less and try to obtain more value from activities that do not involve much money. The results shown by the model depends on how much someone enjoys their work, what activities they enjoy in their free time, existing wealth and several other characteristics.

Quality of Life as Quality of Time

Social Economic Utility Analysis (working title) Algorithms

Social Economic Utility Analysis (working title) Model

Social Economic Utility Analysis Model (Video)

How often do you want to succeed?

Game Theory


Game theory is one of my favourite topics in economics and has always kept me fascinated. I think there is so much to explore in regards to game theory. There are also some really interesting real life applications of game theory as well. Some of the work I have developed and currently developing ,relating to game theory, is also quite novel and cannot be found elsewhere. One such example is my work relating to what I call ‘triple threat’. I have also applied game theory to the usage of Steemit bots.

Game Theory - The Basics

Game Theory - Triple Threat

Game Theory - Winning Strategies

Controlled Opposition Explained as a Game Theory Strategy

Game Theory - Mixed Equilibrium

Game Theory - Introduction

Game Theory #2 – Prisoner’s Dilemma

Game Theory #3 – Chicken Game

Game Theory #4 – Battle of the Sexes

Game Theory #5 – Steemit Bots

Game Theory #6 - Triple Threat (Work-in-Progress) Idea

Time to Play the Game

Divide and Conquer Strategy

Dice game with a twist of strategy

Game Theory #7– Transitivity

Building a winning team (Transitivity assumption) – Focus on the NFL

Pick the Bigger Shape – All entries to receive upvotes

Understanding non-transitive relationships for products – Comparing televisions

Reflecting on Past Decisions

The Game of Pandemic

Dynamic Mixed Equilibrium for Repeatable Games (Game Theory)

Dark Side of Economics


My dark side of economics series contains my most controversial posts relating to how economics is used to manipulate people. This series ventures into how the Government distort the system to serve their own benefit as well as those that put them into power (not the people as they would like you to believe). This series also contains my posts regarding Democracy (lack of as well as failure of). I willing be pumping a lot more energy into this series as the year progresses.

Democracy and Economics - Does Democracy Really Exist?

Dark Side of Economics (Summary of Upcoming Posts)

Dark Side of Economics Introduction Video

Taxation – Dark Side of Economics #2

Short Clip of Taxation Video

Economics and Democracy – Does Democracy Exist? (Part 1)

Does Democracy Exist? (Part 1) Dtube Video

Dark Side of Economics - Taxation (Full Video on Dtube)

Health - Dark Side of Economics #3

Dark Side of Economics - Health (Dtube Video)

Democracy and Economics (Part 2) - Major Debates

Does Democracy Really Exist? (Part 2) - Major Debates

Democracy and Economics (Part 3) - Areas Rarely Discussed or Debated

Does Democracy Really Exist? (Part 3) - Areas Rarely Discussed or Debated

Dark Side of Economics - Cost Benefit Analysis (Dtube Video)

Cost Benefit Analysis (Part 1) - Dark Side of Economics #4

Cost Benefit Analysis (Part 2) - Dark Side of Economics #4

Democracy and Economics (Part 4) - Solutions and Alternative Structure

Let’s be seen to be doing the right thing

Does Democracy Really Exist? (Part 4) - Solutions and Alternative Structures

Scarcity (Part 1)

Scarcity (Part 2) - Natural or Contrived

Scarcity (Part 3) - Meat and Dairy Land Use

Dark Side of Economics - War (Dtube Video)

Dark Side of Economics #5 - Money and Power from War

Scarcity (Part 4) - Labour, Capital, and Entrepreneurship

Scarcity (Part 5) – Possible Solutions

First-Past-The-Post Vs Preferential Voting Systems

Scarcity Video 1 - Defining and Explaining Scarcity

Scarcity Video 2 - Natural Scarcity vs. Contrived Scarcity

The Two-Party Political System – The dictatorship we didn’t know we had

Scarcity Video 3 - Land use (Meat and Dairy Industries)

The Mortgage Slave

Scarcity Video 4 - Factors of Production (Labour, Capital, and Entrepreneurship)

Scarcity Video 5 - Putting an End to Contrived Scarcity

Raise your hand if you live in a Democracy

Could democracy succeed if it was given a chance?

A closer look at vaccines

Prejudice induced discrimination

The Mortgage Slave (Video)


Entrepreneurship should be encouraged by other entrepreneurs

Super Bowl – Planned Entertainment for Dollars

My take on the abortion debate

Is Socialism being used as a path to Fascism?

Are the ‘right-wing’ hijacking conspiracy theory to maintain the two party system?

Divided by Labels – Focus on Gender and Sexual Orientation

US Presidential Election

Eye Opening Year of 2020 – Part One: Covid-19 Catastrophe

Eye Opening Year of 2020 – Part Two: Other Events and a Prelude to 2021

My Views on Systemic Racism

Controlled Opposition and Divide and Conquer

A Possible Grim Reality

A Different Left-Right Paradigm

Oligopoly – The market structure that does not let the market decide

Addicted to Poison

Russia Invades Ukraine: What is going on?

Russia-Ukraine War 2022: Winners and Losers (Part One: Losers)

Russia-Ukraine War 2022: Winners and Losers (Part Two: Winners)

The Old Gods and the New

The Establishment

Freedom as a Path to Happiness

Centralisation vs. Decentralisation

Political Systems and Freedom

Exploitation of the Poorest Countries

Rise of the Woke

Cost of Living Crisis – A Collection of Symptoms caused by Serious Long-term Political Failure

Winners and Losers from the “Cost of Living Crisis”

Bright Future out of Chaos

Are we heading for World War 3?

The Power to Own

Right to Censor!!! Power to Censor!!!

People are too occupied and too stressed to question the narrative

The Attempted Rebirth of Stakeholder Capitalism

Smart Cities: Our dream future or dystopian nightmare?

Cruelty-free economics, veganism, and animal cruelty topics


I like to refer to myself as having a plant-based diet and a cruelty free-lifestyle (to the best of my ability). I previously referred to myself as vegan. I feel the new description better covers my life philosophy. I have written several posts and made several videos about certain topics relating to my journey to adopting my current lifestyle. I have also made several posts regarding animal cruelty as well as discussed the link between economics and animal abuse.

I am currently working on a book (working title ‘Cruelty-free Economics’, previous working title was ‘Vegan Economics’). Most of the content in my posts will feature in this book. Progress has been very slow so far, as I have been focusing on lots of different areas. I expect to complete the book in the second quarter of 2020. I do not intend to rush the book, as the approach I am adopting is very different from conventional economics. The logic supporting my methodology needs to be sound to stand up to a likely heavy critique.

What is the real cost of meat?

Understanding the Cost of Animal Abuse

Vegan Cost of a Big Mac (Includes Cruelty and Loss of Life)

What is Vegan Economics?

Vegan Economics - Vegoutt Launch Presentation

Vegan Economics - Vegoutt Launch Presentation Slides

Understanding the Cost of Animal Abuse (Dtube Video)

Vegan Economics Talk at Sea Shepherd Stand Fast Festival Brisbane 2017

Vegan Economics Talk at Sea Shepherd Stand Fast Festival Brisbane 2017 (Dtube Video)

Vegan Economics – My Story (Part 1)

Vegan Economics - My Story (Part 2)

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2017 (Video)

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2017

Horse Racing – Supporting Addiction and Cruelty (Part 1)

Horse Racing – Supporting Addiction and Cruelty (Part 2)

Five Areas of Animal Abuse (Part 1) - Pets

Vegan Story Video 1

Vegan Story Video 2

Five Areas of Abuse (Part 2) - Entertainment

Five Areas of Abuse (Part 3) - Animal Testing

Five Areas of Abuse (Part 4) - Food

Five Areas of Abuse (Part 5) - Clothing and Fashion

Title change: From ‘Vegan’ Economics to ‘Cruelty-free’ Economics

Cruelty-free Economics - Valuing Life (Third Revision) (Part 1)

Valuing Life (Part 2) - Valuing Human Life

The winner of the Melbourne Cup is ….

Valuing Life (Part 3) – Valuing the life of an animal

Valuing Life (Part 4) – Valuing life as part of an ecosystem

Do the reasons for reducing meat consumption matter?

Eating Less Meat (Presentation from Irish Vegan Festival)

Our relationship with other animals and the universal desire for freedom

Our Relationship with the Environment

Manipulated for Us

To be continued in Part 2 - Collection of Works (Part 2)

More posts


If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These posts will be updated frequently.





Economics Udemy Course


I have launched my first Udemy course ‘Economics is for Everyone’. The course focuses on how economics affects everyday people, the decisions they make and how they interact with the world around them. The course contains 24 video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing), 64 multiple-choice questions (3 at the end of most lectures), 32 downloadable resources (presentation slides, additional notes and links to relevant Hive posts), and 2 scenario questions. The course is currently free-of-charge. Click the link above to access the course.



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