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Most of my content on Hive relates to economics. In the video, in this post, I discuss and describe some of the economics work I have been involved with throughout my career as an economist. This video is also a follow up to my written post My Projects as an Economist, which I published about a year ago. In essence, the content has changed very little from the original post but I believe a video presentation adds some value and provides a different feel to the same content. The biggest addition to my work since the written post are my discussions relating to Covid-19 and the Great Reset. Covid-19 has been the biggest event for the past year and the Great Reset could be biggest series of events for the next the decade. For the content adapted from the written post, I believe the video adds more detail as well as alternative explanations regarding my work as an economist. I believe the video is more focused on my applied work. Whereas, the initial written post was more focused on the innovative theory I brought to the work.

Below are the key areas covered in the video, I have included the times in the video for each topic if you want to skip ahead. I have also included links to other posts that provide more context to the points made in the video.

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If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These 'Collection of Works' posts have been updated to contain links to the Hive versions of my posts.





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