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Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I made a video that has not been about my ‘Buying and Selling Game’. I made several videos for my Udemy CBA course but I did not bring the course over to Hive. If Hive had a Udemy equivalent, I would definitely bring that content over. I have not made any other videos since, I moved from Steem to Hive. In 2020, I was more focused on my written posts. However, I believe it is useful to support the written posts with videos that add more information or clarity to the content described in the written posts.

The focus of most of my upcoming videos will be on content I wrote about last year and early this year. These videos will relate to content such as:

All the content I will be discussing in my videos will still be relevant to 2021. The content will be updated where necessary. For example, a lot has changed since my initial posts about Covid-19. I intend to explore what is happening with vaccines as well as different country’s plans for reopening economies. Covid-19 is also being used as a trigger for the Great Reset, which is moving rapidly. My videos will build on what I have covered so far in regards to the Great Reset, which I believe will be an important theme of 2021.

I will be writing more posts and following them up with videos with information about the book that I am working on. As I have mentioned in previous posts, most of the content for the book will be pulled from my posts on Hive. My current title is ‘Freedom Based Economics’. I will explain more as the book reaches closer to completion.

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