The Power of Opposition in the Face of Growing Tyranny

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The world has entered one of the darkest periods in recent history. The response to Covid-19 by almost all the world governments has been extreme and is growing more extreme by the week. In 2020 and 2021, we have seen lockdowns spread across the world. People have faced restrictions to freedom of movement such as closures to both state and international borders. In many countries, people were not permitted to travel more than a certain number of kilometres from their homes and in some extreme case not allowed to leave home at all. In several countries, curfews after a certain time (e.g. 8 pm) were implemented. An even bigger causality of the Covid-19 response has been freedom of speech. Government, media, and social media (collectively referred to as the establishment) have worked together to block any alternative views regarding Covid-19 and the responses to it. Videos and posts have been removed from social media. People’s jobs have been threatened if they speak out against Government actions. People have even been arrested for organising or just posting about protests against Government actions.

The most worrying development, so far, has been the mass vaccination push. The immediate medical response to Covid-19 was the development of vaccines. The approach from the beginning was very odd considering the normal duration of vaccine development (i.e. 10+ Years) as well as the lack of success developing vaccines for other coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Very little emphasis was placed on improving existing treatments even though doctors from around the world were having some success with medications such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and even vitamins C and D. Instead, any alternative medical response other than vaccines was met with censorship.

Some of the vaccines by pharmaceutical companies such as the AstraZeneca and Pfizer were completed and approved in under a year. This speed is astonishing compared with any other vaccines. These vaccines, at best, can only be considered as experimental drugs. When the mass vaccination campaign began, there was no coverage in the mainstream media about the possible immediate adverse reactions nor the lack of knowledge regarding the long-term effects. Instead, the focus of almost every interview was about the rollout of vaccines.

Prior to the launch of the vaccine campaign, vaccine developers were granted legal indemnity, protecting them from legal action from people who have been harmed by their vaccines. This was very concerning considering how quickly these vaccines were developed and approved.

Over a year later, the number of reported adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccines far surpasses any other vaccines. Figures 1 to 5 contain the reported adverse reactions from the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Figure 1: Summary of Reports


Figure 2: Summary of Covid-19 VAERS Reports


Figure 3: Types of Reported Adverse Reactions


Figure 4: All Death Reports to VAERS by Year


Figure 5: Days after Onset of Illness


Source: OpenVAERS
Note: The number of reported adverse reactions may only represent as little as 1% of all adverse reactions.

Vaccine databases for other countries and regions also had high numbers of reported adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines; see links below.

The vaccine rollouts have been going for over a year in many countries. Over 50% of the world’s population have received at least one jab and many western countries have over 70% of their population vaccinated to some extent (Our World in Data). However, the number of cases and deaths reported globally have not noticeably declined. Some of the countries with highest vaccination rates (70%+) have substantially more cases and deaths than what they had prior to the vaccine rollout (e.g. Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and Israel) (Worldometers). Once a high vaccination rate was obtained, it was claimed that herd immunity would occur. This would stop the spread of Covid-19. It is becoming clear that is not occurring.

The high number of reported adverse reactions indicate the Covid-19 vaccines are not safe. The high number of reported Covid-19 deaths indicate the Covid-19 vaccines are not effective. However, Governments and the media continue to push the mass rollout of these vaccines. They are pushing for regular boosters. They are making vaccines mandatory to certain groups in the population. They are placing restrictions on people who have not had the required number of vaccine jabs. They are requiring people to obtain health mobile phone applications that track medical procedures. Some countries are even building detention centres for people who are not considered “fully vaccinated”.

It is not about the short-run


Many people may think that once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, life will return to normal. They might expect Governments to relinquish the power they have taken. If the restrictions were genuinely intended to stop the spread of the virus and save lives, we could fool ourselves into thinking this would be the case. The chances, under any premise, that Governments will relinquish all the power they have taken is very slim. In my post and video ‘Power, Money, and Me Me Me’, I discuss the links between motivations and actions. In short, those who are in power are in power because they crave power and will continue to crave power. Relinquishing power would be self-denial of the motivations that brought them to power in the first place. This applies even if the initial intentions of the Government were to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. However, the ineffectiveness of the actions they have taken and the continued implementation of them indicates that obtaining power is the real motive and protecting health is just a story used to obtain it. We should expect a stronger push for more power rather than the relinquishment of it.

Long before Covid-19, Governments have been trying to obtain more power. Each time they have pushed for more power they have used excuses such as improve national security, reduce crime, combat drug abuse, prevent terrorism, stop climate change, and improve equality, “Solutions” have involved more surveillance, travel restrictions, stricter laws and more aggressive implementation for selected crimes, censorship of “dangerous” ideas, more regulations and interventions, and aggressive foreign policy. All of the above has resulted in higher taxes, higher profits for big businesses, and more power for Government. Unfortunately, these solutions have done very little to solve the problems they are claimed to solve. In many cases, the problems have become worse. This leads to more of the above “solutions” and the cycle repeats. I believe the above process of siphoning more power and wealth was too slow and the number of people becoming aware of the power and wealth grab was growing too quickly. The process needed to be sped up. A pandemic was deemed the best way to rapidly increase this process.

The Next Phase


The Covid-19 pandemic story will soon run its course. Public anger is increasingly growing stronger. We see this with the increasing number and size of protests across the world. The next phase is likely to be The Great Reset. The Great Reset is using the Covid-19 pandemic as a reason to remodel society and the economy. The Great Reset involves a strong push towards the centralisation of power on a global scale. International bodies will take on the role of global governance. A few large countries will gain global authority through these bodies. Free-market capitalism would be greatly restricted. Instead, large companies would dominate markets. These companies would mostly be responding to the requirements set out by global authorities. People will lack choice; therefore, will settle for the products and services these large firms offer. It is likely private ownership will be reduced and replaced with rental services. Most assets will be held by only the wealthiest. Climate change can be expected to be the next big emergency and is likely to be used to usher in the Great Reset. I discuss the goal of transitioning with the Great Reset in my post ‘Covid-19 Assault: Have the Establishment made the Right Moves? (Part 3)’.

Can the few sustain their control over the many?


It appears that those we have allowed to hold the most power are conspiring to conduct a global takeover. Governments’ responses to Covid-19 would indicate that this takeover has already begun. The coordination of this effort has occurred covertly but the implementation is happening in plain sight. Most people are not resisting because they believe the actions being taken are necessary. Almost all Governments support these actions. How could it be possible that all these supposedly independent Governments have arrived at the same approach?

The biggest problem that the establishment (i.e. the powerful and the wealthy) have is that they are in the minority. The majority will not willingly support the few while disregarding their own welfare. Therefore, the establishment attempt to deceive the majority. They attempt to legitimise their power and position in some way. Some of these arguments include:

  • Religion (e.g. the will of god/s)
  • Nationalism (e.g. promote greatness of the nation or people)
  • Protection (e.g. needed to safe guard against enemies)
  • The greater good (e.g. enforced sacrifice for the good of the majority)
  • Democracy (e.g. leading based on the will of the people)

For Covid-19, all of the above have been used at some point. Mainstream media and social media have been used to spread propaganda to create the impression that the actions taken by Government follow the stated narrative. Most alternative views have been blocked or censored. People have become surrounded by the same information. Truth is very hard to see if we rely on the sources of information easily available to us. However, the impact on our own circumstances cannot be hidden from us. Loss of freedom, income, health (physical and mental), relationships, social interaction, and enjoyment can be felt be all. The longer we are deprived, the more we suffer. The reasons for our sacrifice need to become stronger. However, as the information and messages from Government and media make less sense, opposition will only grow stronger. Eventually, those in power will be toppled. Throughout history, the few have attempted to control the many. There has been varying levels of success but eventually they have fallen.

Are things different now?


Opposition to tyranny is inevitable. Opposition to tyranny will eventually become a stronger force because the many are challenging the few. Therefore, tyranny should always fail in the long-run.

The establishment are aware of this problem. This is why the approach has been to seize power and wealth gradually so that the people are not noticeably affected by the changes made. Even the gradual approach appeared to be destined to fail as opposition began to grow. The Covid-19 approach was launched with the knowledge that opposition would exist and would eventually grow regardless of the extent it could be suppressed.

The proposed solution would be a combination of controlled opposition and divide and conquer. If opposition were inevitable, the best approach would be to have a strong voice in that opposition to lead it astray.

Donald Trump plays an important role in this opposition. He continuously criticizes those in Government. He supports many conspiracy theories about Government and the establishment in general. He supports alternative media and groups who oppose the Government.

The establishment have responded by treating him as the biggest enemy. They mock his mannerisms. They imply he is involved in criminal activity. They claim he opposes democracy. They claim he is both racist and sexist. They blocked him on social media. They even rigged an election so he would be removed from office. In the eyes of many of the people who genuinely oppose the establishment, he is regarded as a leader. His real role is to lead the opposition astray by diverting attention to areas such as attacks on him, socialist elements in Government, climate change denial, and immigration.

Several other prominent figures are most likely acting as controlled opposition. These include Nigel Farage, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Sasha Baron Cohen (when in character), Tucker Carlson, Pauline Hanson, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Rupert Murdoch and many more. There are several news networks taking on the role of controlled opposition. These include Fox News, GB News, and Sky News Australia.

Most of the people and organisations that have become part of the controlled opposition are from the ‘right’ of politics. Their focus has been to direct attention towards people and groups who align themselves with ‘left’ political party ideology. They frequently attack “woke” ideology and groups, Black Lives Matter political gesturing (e.g. players kneeling before sporting events), and radical climate change groups (e.g. insulate Britain). They also tend to support people and groups who have been censored by the media or on social media on topics opposing ‘left’ ideology (e.g. transgender “rights”). They tend to label any draconian Government policies as a move towards communism. The goal of those who are part of the controlled opposition is to turn the focus of those who would oppose Government to oppose people who still believe the Governments’ narrative for obtaining more power. Hence, the divide and conquer strategy.

The majority of opposition that gains attention is controlled opposition. A large amount of the information the controlled opposition support is accurate and relevant. However, several important areas are not challenged. Currently, the biggest area not challenged are the Covid-19 vaccines. Their safety and effectiveness are not questioned. They may oppose vaccine certification and mandates but give very little coverage of the mass protests going on around the world. They rarely discuss the infectious trend of growing totalitarianism across the world nor discuss the lack of commendation from any of the Governments from the world’s most powerful countries.

The Real Opposition


The real opposition comes from those who are aware that the establishment are manipulating the people into surrendering their freedom, rights, wealth, and even health. The real opposition are responding by:

  • not being intimidated into taking medical procedures they do not believe necessary
  • voicing their opinions on whatever media that does not censor them
  • spreading information and facts that have been censored for not aligning with the official narrative
  • sharing links of websites that contain valuable information about the safety and effectiveness of Government responses
  • sharing information about how initiatives such as the Great Reset is going to affect us in the future
  • attending or arranging protests in opposition to the Governments’ responses
  • discussing our observed tyranny with family and friends
  • joining or forming groups with other people who are part of the real opposition

I believe the efforts that have been made to silence and/or misdirect those who oppose global tyranny will slow the growth of a strong opposition but it is unlikely to stop it. As the numbers grow, they become harder to silence. The task of controlled opposition also becomes more difficult as the most pressing concerns will be raised more often. The controlled opposition will be forced to acknowledge them or become exposed for the agendas they actual support.

How long will it take a sufficiently strong opposition to form? The longer it takes, the harder it will be to end the tyranny and the longer it will take to reverse the damage that has been done. I fear the rise of opposition has been too slow to reverse the totalitarian push before the nest phase begins and we are faced with long-term difficult to reverse changes to our lives.

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