Controlled Opposition Explained as a Game Theory Strategy

This post contains a video that continues looking at how game theory can be applied in the real world. In this video the strategy of controlled opposition is investigated. Controlled opposition simply means controlling all sides of the game. This seems like an obvious winning strategy but the tricky part is creating the perception that both sides are operating independently of each other. The idea of controlled opposition is considered controversial to some. This is especially true in areas such as politics and sports. When it comes to money and power no strategy should be dismissed or ignored just because it is unethical.

Some forms of controlled opposition is open and obvious to most people. Such examples are companies such as Google. Google has placed its name on many of its companies. Companies such as Google Chrome, Google AdSense, and Gmail. Even companies without the Google name such as YouTube, it is very well know that they are owned by Google. Other companies make it less obvious such as Disney. Disney owns ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios and many other companies that could have been competing against Disney.

Controlled opposition extends to politics and the two party systems that dominant western countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia. Powerful interests control and manipulate the two parties in order to serve their own interests. The same can be said about some sports. Results can be manipulated to provide the most entertainment value and most likely the most profits to sporting organisations.

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