What Do We Want? (Video Version)

Hi Everyone,

The video in this post is a follow up to my written post What do we want?. Some of the content of the video also relates to my more recent post Freedom Based Economics. The video emphasizes the importance of understanding yourself as well as understanding what you really want out of life. The video takes an outcome (e.g. comfort) approach rather than an output (e.g. king sized bed) approach. This is important as it creates flexibility in how you fulfil your wants rather than just chasing a few particular things, which you believe, will fulfil your wants.

In the video, I discuss 12 wants, which are relevant to me and are likely to be relevant to most other people as well. These are as follows:

  • Freedom
  • Basic needs
  • Good health
  • Good environment
  • Social interaction
  • Social influence
  • Comfort
  • Entertainment
  • Knowledge
  • Security
  • Respect and admiration
  • Family

Undoubtedly, most people’s wants will extend beyond the examples described in the video. However, the concept of focusing on a want in terms of an outcome can be applied to almost anything.

In the latter part of the video, I discuss money and wealth. I did not include accumulating money or wealth as a want. Instead, I consider the accumulation of wealth as a means to an end rather than a goal in itself. The accumulation of wealth may come at the detriment to some of your other wants. For example, a high paying job may reduce the amount of time you spend with your family; it may also cause additional stress that could become harmful to your health. It is important to strike a balance. It is also important to reflect on what we want to ensure that we are really achieving it. It is very easy to become caught up with our immediate circumstances and lose track of the bigger picture.

A Bit Extra


Before I jumped into the main content of the video, I talked about a canvas with a collage of photographs of all my dogs from both the past and present. I really like this canvas collage of photographs; it is a nice reminder of all these dogs with their great and unique personalities. I included this segment as it was the first time I had filmed in that room. I normally film in the bar area or out by the lake.

I hope you enjoy the video. It runs for about 25 minutes, which is a little longer than most of my videos.

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