The Comedy Open Mic Bi-Weekly Contest: Round 5 Announcement - 40 HIVE In Rewards

This Is The End Of Round 4

What is COM?

Comedy Open Mic is a community where you share your comedy posts. Can be routines, rants, stories, pet peeves, poems, songs, talking about parts of your day, whatever it may be, just make sure it is humourous.

At COM, we understand that comedy is versatile and comes in different forms, so we accept all forms of it.

The Contest Runs For Two Weeks Now

For the foreseeable future, the Comedy Open Mic Contest will be running for 14 days per round. This would allow us more time to assess all entries, as well as allow you all more time to craft your entries.

There are no rules to entering the contest as each post in the community will be considered for the prizes. However, make sure to check the community rules before posting

If you want to support us you can

  • Nominate people to enter the contest
  • Reblog the announcement
  • Subscribe to the community

However, none of those are necessary to be eligible for the prizes.

The Prizes

Jester Award: 20 HIVE
The Bromedian Award: 4 $BRO Tokens - Coming from our sponsors @brofund
The Joker Award: 10 HIVE

Honorable Comedians: 10 HIVE - 10 HIVE Will be distributed among those who had great entries but didn't manage to win any of the above awards.

Round 4 Entries

Feel free to check them out if you're looking to have a laugh

@notanotherbrandt - Ode to 🆄
@victorbch2 - The comedy open mic contest/A Yoruba man walked into a restaurant in Lagos,guess what happens.
@wittywheat - MAD MALAYSIANS!!!
@sanjeevm - What's in that Cup
@kennysplash - Kids Give Marriage Advice (a must read!).
@angryman - I'm Fine...
@edprivat - The Ultimate Guide to Fade Out of Existence on Hive
@mrenglish - Word Drought: Dreemport | Comedy Challenge
@ayesha-malik - Silence for minutes
@cool08 - Comedy Open Mic Contest Round 4: Sleepwalking
@hugetiny - Part 3: Dapper Dan Fills in My Gaps…
@corvidae - Is my filthy fridge worth anything to you?
@blanchy - Drunk Lost is the Worst Form of Lost.
@por500bolos - COM4: Suckcess 101 in the workplace.
@jessicaossom - Suspicious Silence.
@diebitch - Awesome first date icebreakers
@renora - The Prophet
@lordtimoty - Poetry is no laughing matter. (The Comedy Open Mic Contest - Round 4)
@brandt - A few selected jokes with accompanying photos and analyses
@doziekash -Masquerade Gods
@improv - Squash for Dinner
@angryman - Figment of YOUR Imagination...
@ghost.queen - GhostQueen For President 😅
@kennysplash - A First Grader's Homework
@deeanndmathews - Comedy Open Mic Round 4: Blonds Have More Fun ... But Do They Really, Though?
@leaky20 - Analyzing ya Ding-dong... I mean the song Jaja Ding-dong
@dandays - I'm As Confused As You Are
@corvidae - All That Pudding
@methodofmad - Really, this isn't a ponzi scheme, this is THE PONZI SCHEME!
@angryman - Another Exquisite 'Daily Boring Life' Post
@cool08 - See what Happened To Me

If long-form comedy posts aren't your thing

Check out @improv's weekly Punday Monday. You can check out the latest one here. We have added 5 HBD to an already impressive prize pool. The week's pun theme is Makeup.

To Help the Community Grow

Please interact with other posts and consider reblogging this post for visibility. It would mean a lot if the contest entrants and members, in general, do that.

Round 5 starts now

The contest will run for 14 days until a new round is announced.

The rewards from this post will go to @com-fund so they could be used to fund future contests.

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