I'm Fine...

When one needs a break from Social Media (addiction) thus hardly posting anywhere at anytime for a long time... It's a tender-hearted thing to pop in occasionally and let some Cyber-friends know that you're not dead...!!! (Whether they care one way or the other...)😏

I guess that, if they're true friends they mostly do care and after breathing a huge sigh of relief, they upvote your post with 100% of their power... Otherwise, what's the sense of checking in with such a well intended post if they're all merely common, cheap bastards...?!?!?!?!?

Oh well... what does it matter anyway? Some of these poor saps vote as if it's their own money they're pulling out of the pocket rather than the pool. These are the type who drop a nickle into an old beggars tin cup, rather than a quarter, like me.

At least with a quarter, an old beggar only needs a few more people to flip a coin into their cup in order for them to afford a Jr. burger at McDonalds...!!! What the hell is a nickle gonna do for em...?!?!?!?!?


Now that I've gotten THAT off my chest - how the hell are you? If you're like me, most of your friends and family members are physically or mentally ill, or both.

I'm serious... I only have one family member who's as happy and healthy as me these days. Must be this friggin Covid shit... with those mandatory lockdowns, vaxx passports and stuff like that.

It's driving people nuts...!!!

I was already nuts, so it doesen't effect me much at all.

Did I ever tell you I'm enclined to bake stuff when I'm happy? I've been baking cinnamon buns and buttery pound cakes lately. Here's a picture to prove it:

Here's another one to really prove I can make a cake from scratch that tastes halfway decent; I know how all you 'doubting Thomas' need a lot of proof in order to believe stuff!

That picture was from before I ate it...

One day, I might get motivated enough to share the recipe for you foodie freaks here on the chain. Till then, here's a sampling of ingredients:
Grab some organic flour, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla extract, salt, sugar, honey, baking powder; slap it all together, dump into a greased and floured loaf pan, then bake at 325 to 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven.

Warning...!!! Do NOT attempt to eat the cake before it's fully cooked and still inside the oven.

You'll love yourself for it...

Well, my friends... That's about all I got for now. Hope your healthy and happy; or soon to be that way.



Jan. 24, 2022
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