What's in that Cup

Hot or Cold ?


This was some real life comedy few days back - my friend @akshyaya had come to my house to discuss about some crypto and we were having a cup of refreshment - my wife sitting right in front of us and taking this snaps. I posted this to our whatsapp group and the immediate reaction from several people was - what's in that cup ?

We just waited for a while before responding and some friends were asking where are you ! We can join you..Some even went a step ahead and asked to keep some for them. Some decoded the picture saying the body language says otherwise. One friend even quoted - Munabhai and circuit together ! Someone was asking, if there is table having the starters!

What do you think, we were drinking ? By the way, @akshyaya was very much impressed with HIVE and joined this metaverse - now we both share our posts in the group - eventually more will follow.

A fun moment to celebrate HIVE.



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