Suspicious Silence.

Today has been wonderful, from the start to this very moment. However, I have been busy with some chores at home since we got back from church.
When I finally got the chance to relax a bit, I grabbed my phone, the first place I visited was my WhatsApp status. A lot of my contacts post interesting things most of the time so I decided to kill time with that.

As I scrolled through, watching several videos and reading memes, I came across one which reminded me of what somewhat happened about 3 - 4 years ago.

Ps: I can't source the meme so I don't know if it's okay to upload it here.
However, I will write what was written.

Silence is golden, but when you have kids, silence is suspicious.

The creator of the meme went on to write that whenever her neighbor is outside washing clothes and she suddenly doesn't hear her kids making noise again, she immediately shouts the name of the childlike "EMMANUELLA!!! I CAN SEE WHAT YOU DOING O"

I laughed after reading the meme because I could relate to it.

This happened in our former apartment, If I'm not mistaken, it's about 4 years now. My son had just learned how to crawl and stand by holding something. I remember vividly that he started crawling well when he was 7 months old, he was able to hold things to move around that age too, so this probably happened when he was around the age of 11months - 1year, I just know that he wasn't 1yr6months yet.

It happened on a Saturday because my free days were only Saturdays because of work on weekdays, I didn't always have the time to wash clothes Fu weekdays but only on Saturdays.
Even though I said it was my only free day, it isn't exactly because I was always occupied with the house especially the most tiring one which is washing clothes. I didn't have a washing machine so I was left with no choice but to wash with my hands. It's a good thing I had already prepared rice and stew the previous day that sustained us till that Saturday, I didn't need to cook on that Saturday but to focus on the many clothes I had to wash.

I moved all the clothes out, got my buckets ready to wash my clothes but made sure I had settled my son inside.

In that house, a corner of the room was where the kitchen cupboard was, kitchen utensils, and pots of food were always kept there.

I left my son inside with his toys so he would feel free and play without disturbing me, all I had on my mind was to wash as fast as I could and be done in no time.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to lock the cupboard where my pot of stew was kept.

I stayed close to the entrance of our house and was washing. I could hear my son playing with his toys and having fun alone.
After washing for some minutes, I went to air dry the clothes. As I returned to wash the remaining clothes, I noticed that the sound of him playing with his toys had stopped. At first, I assumed he was asleep and I was already feeling grateful, not until I entered the house.


Lo and behold, I don't know how he did it, he had brought down the pot of stew and had been licking the stew in the pot with his hands. Some were spilled on the floor and his fingers were still in his mouth, he just sat there looking at me with a smile on his face.

I stood where I was, frozen for some minutes with my mouth open, I was so angry, I didn't know whether to start flogging him because he was still so little.
I was so angry that he had wasted the stew and had given another work to do which was to clean up the mess.

Sincerely, when you notice that there is a sudden silence in the same room you've been hearing a lot of noise and you know that it's your kid you left in there, you should quickly go check because for sure they are already up to something if they haven't done it at all. That silence is suspicious­čśů

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