Comedy Open Mic Contest Round 4: Sleepwalking

Mark is someone who has been sleeping too much right from childhood. Anytime he is at home, there is a way his parents always control his sleep without people getting to discover. One day, he was opportune to travel to his uncle's house for holidays which his parents were not in support of initially. Finally, his parents had to Grant him permission to travel to his uncle's place which got him so much excited.

Mark went to his uncle's house and the unexpected happened. The uncle did not know anything about his sleeping habit and did not just take note of him. So, when he was sleeping, his uncle woke him up to eat. He was supposed to have eaten before sleeping but he slept off leaving food behind. So, his uncle decided to wake him up to eat his evening food when it was 8pm. After waking him up, his uncle went to his room to take something without monitoring Mark if he had gone to the dining room. Mark stood up and walked to the door side. The uncle's wife saw him, opening the door but could not stop him just because she knew nothing about his sleeping habit.

He walked out and was just going to an unknown destination. He began to move to where he did not know. When he got to the dump hill (refuse dump), he stopped and slept off. He slept without knowing where he was.

His uncle had slept off without knowing what was going on with Mark. As he was sleeping, he quickly remembered that he had not checked his children's room to see if they were sleeping or still awake. This has been his usual routine in his house. So, after checking his children's room, he walked to Mark's room to see if he was in his house. On his way down to his room, he saw Mark's food on the table intact. It means Mark did not eat his food. What would have happened? His uncle said to himself. When he got to Mark's room, he was shocked as he did not see Mark in his room. He began to search for him all over the whole room in the house and he went to the neighbors house to ask if they saw Mark by accident leaving the house. It was then, Mark's uncle quickly remembered that she saw Mark going towards the door but did not ask him where he was going.

After some hours, Mark began to dream that he was licking ice cream and in his dream, he was so serious while licking the ice cream. So, when he woke up he saw dogs licking his mouth and unknowingly to him, he slept in excreter. He did not know what to do, and so he ran to a nearby house to clean up himself. Mark was surprised to see where he was. He did not know the exact place he was and did not know how to get home since he did not know much about the city his uncle was living in. When it was day break, his uncle had reported the case to the police station and the police were at alert searching for Mark. His uncle called his brother to break one news to him. This was how they revealed Mark's sleeping habit to him. After some hours, Mark saw a man passing by and decided to collect the man's cell phone to call his parents since he knew his parents phone number.

This was how his parents later called his uncle to tell him where Mark was.

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