Figment of YOUR Imagination...

A thought crossed my mind today "Why not make a post, since you're not doing anything else of any importance..."

BUT...THEN...!!! My mind went sort of blank - again... My enthusiasm waned as I plunged deep within an encroaching abyss.

Once enveloped by the serenity of mindlessness... a single message gently, permeated the grey matter encapsuled within the wild-haired adorned earthly skull, perched precariously atop an anotomical figure, refered to as 'neck'...

The Message? "Check the COM rules; I think there is no limit for submissions..."

So, I did...


THIS is the crap which freely, flowed unencumbered through absence of any sound judgement or care; my usual sense of existence.


This really isn't an entry into 'Comedy Open Mike #4'... It's just a post. It's a post about anything that happens/happened to flow, but if any one of the moderators or 'Admin' type people want... to greatly reward $$$$$$$ me for it, I promise not to protest.

Even though it sucks and I know I could do better if I tried, but hey...let's face it...

"trying ain't always best"...!!!

I read that in a book of quotes once. I think it was from that anon fella, but I'm not sure, so I won't even mention it...

As a matter of fact... I won't even POST this stupid - whatever it's called piece of crap...!!! After all; I do have a heart and I'd hate to cause any of you anguish by having had you read this far into a totally or almost totally waste of time.

Time is precious. We have so little of it. Some have more time than others, and some don't. I don't know what's best - little or more...?!?!?!?

I guess that all depends upon what's little or more? Like if it's a penis or something else...and where or what you plan to do with it, or when and how...???

I don't know...

It doesn't matter anyway...

NOTHING matters... because nothing is real...

Not even this post.

I didn't write it and I never published it.

If you're reading it - it's a glitch in the matrix...

You probably swallowed the wrong pill...?!?!?!?

BUT... Maybe the wrong pill is the best pill of all?

Who the hell knows...?!?!?!?!?

NOT ME...!!!


Feb. 1, 2022 - On the Hive Blockchain

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