See what Happened To Me

See what Happened To Me


There I was standing at the roadside doing two things. The two things were that, I was looking for a bike and for a lie to tell my dad because I went to play ball with my friend and I wasn't cautious with time. As all these thoughts ran through my mind, I remembered what happened in Joshua's compound. While we were playing ball, it went to the neighbors compound when I attempted a shot at Joshua's goal post. Immediately it entered the other compound, I couldn't tell if Joshua was crying or laughing but I could tell the unpleasant sound he was making. He was like "du gen! Du gen gen! Du gen, du gen, du gen gen!!!". He then told me to go get the ball for him. With courage I ran to the fence that demarcated both houses and I jumped, landing on the other side still facing the fence.

Nancy Guth
As I turned, I saw three hefty hungry looking dogs and they were barking furiously. At that time, I shouted " Joshua! Joshua!! Jooshuua!!!". Then Joshua replied to me shouting also "Lincoln! Lincoln!! Lincooln!!!" And then he followed it with his annoying laugh". At that time, I knew I was in a set-up. I looked at the dogs one more time and from their face I knew they were looking at lunch. I looked for Joshua's ball and then threw it back to him.


I tried tiptoeing back to the fence where I jumped in from and I saw the dogs tiptoeing towards me, I ran a little bit and they ran with me. I immediately started praying and the dogs smelt my fear and left me. Immediately, I got up and jumped back into the other side which was Joshua's compound and I saw Joshua anxiously waiting for me.


I started making mouth on how I was able to tackle the dog and at a time, Joshua started tiptoeing backwards. The more I boasted, the more he tiptoed backwards towards the backdoor of his house. It was when he reached the door before stupid me asked "why are you going backwards?". He only replied "They're here" before running into the house and locking the door almost immediately.



I looked back slowly like how it is done in Bollywood and Hollywood films. Behold, the three hefty looking dogs were looking at me. I was asking myself how they were able to jump that high fence and how they did it so quietly?

Before two thoughts ran through my head following each other almost immediately. The first was "lunch is served" and the second came almost immediately "in case you are looking for lunch, look at yourself because you are the one". Immediately I felt fear and pee began running down my pants. As my pee was doing it's thing, I started mine. I began my Temple run OZ. I started running round Joshua's compound while the dogs followed almost immediately. The dogs chased me like the three weird creatures in Temple run OZ but there was one difference. The difference was that the creatures vanished after some seconds in the game but right now, these ones were not ready to vanish. The race continued until Joshua's dad returned home and called their neighbor to come pick their dogs.

I came back to reality when the bike man said I should drop from his bike and pay my fare. I did so while still laughing. The laugh was continuous until I entered our compound and saw my dad.


Immediately, the laugh turned into cry when my dad said "Lincoln, go get my belt". At that time, I understood why Jesus said, "IT IS FINISHED".

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