There are countless eccentric people in this world. However, in Malaysia, madness can be manifested on a whole new level. We are after all the sum of our madness. The unfortunate truth is when the fine line between ingenuity and madness is blurred. Malaysians are absolutely delightful. It's impossible to hate us.


Prior to joining Steemit back in 2018 which later forked into Hive in 2020, I used to hang out in a local crypto Telegram group. That group was filled with influential men a tad too pumped up on masculine hormone or the lack thereof. Whatever! Anyway, whenever I voiced my opinion, they will try to silence me with sarcasm. They have total control of the narrative. I was almost convinced I got wrongfully sent to a re-education camp on the very true nature of decentralization. Then, they wondered why people left the group. For obvious reasons!!!

Back then, scammers used to hire actresses and beauty queens as baits. They think everyone else's brain was filled with good-for-nothing garbage and unaware that those actresses and beauty queens were paid in crypto to make the entire multilevel marketing scheme appear and sounded legit. I knew the ring leader was married to a national rhythmic gymnast. At the same time, he was fooling others about dating a beauty queen. One fine day I must pay the national gymnast a visit. I figured out the reason behind his impotency.

All those craziness ended once I joined Steemit because it's even crazier there. Way worse than "Crazy Rich Asians!!!" Haejin was really a class above the rest. He's the Jedi Master of Badass. An eye-opener to the greatness of the blockchain world.

Thanks to Haejin, I'm currently very interested in robotics. I'm going to build a bot to ~~steal~~, I mean hack crypto sites just like he did. To become a crypto millionaire, I only need to steal $100,000, $10,000 at a time then self-voting ten times a day for a year to hit one million. Congratulations, you've created the next monster! Now, if only I can trace his ties to other classical musicians on the chain. It seemed that crypto attracted many classical musicians.

Kids these days are darn lucky. They no longer need to attend schools like the older millennial generation. They can learn online or be homeschooled. Crypto money is the solution to most of the trouble plaguing the world. Our civilization had indeed advanced tremendously. At the very least, they won't have to learn important life skills such as dealing with bullies. When I was young, I was left with little choice but to confront my bullies.

Last but not least, Cannabis is the cure-all drug. It can cure cancer and apparently Covid-19 as well. In the future, researchers might write a paper that stupidity is correlated with not feeding toddlers with Cannabis. That's most likely the reason us oldies fail to reach our fullest potential.

It's truly a wonderful wonderful world!!!

Thank you for your kind attention! Peace! (.)V


I'd like to nominate @dandays, @edprivat, and @neumannsalva to join the fun. The more, the merrier!!! 😄

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