The comedy open mic contest/A Yoruba man walked into a restaurant in Lagos,guess what happens.

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A Yoruba man walked into a restaurant one day to buy food for himself but when he got there he saw his neighbor who he fought with daily so he started wandering through his mind on what to do to his neighbor and suddenly he got a plan to buy food for everyone in the bar except for the igbo man.

He called the waiter.
Waiter!serve everyone in this bar food of any of their choice except for that igbo man sitted in the corner,I'll pay for them,the man drew his wallet and brought out the money to pay for everyone,he looked at the man he was fighting with and was expecting the man to be upset,but however the igbo man didn't he just waved his hand and said thank you.

The Yoruba man was enraged by how the man said thank you instead of being sad so once he called the waiter to supply everyone in the bar drinks except the igbo man,he removed his wallet and paid again and was waiting to see the man sad or depressed but he still waved his hand and said thank you.

The Yoruba man became furious and so he called the waiter and asked his what was happening to the igbo man sitted there that instead of him being sad he was still waving his hands to say thank you.

The waiter smiled and said,he is the owner of the restaurant,the Yoruba man was sort of words.

This is my entry for round 4 contest by @amirtheawesome1

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