Kids Give Marriage Advice (a must read!).

A group of kids were asked what will be their advice to married couples based on what they have observed from their parents and immediate environment. Some replies are funny, but most of them contains a modicum of truth. Come along with me as we consider their responses and evaluate them.


Undisputed brilliance! The fact that this kid could give such advice shows how much he is learning from his parents. I mean what other thing could be added to that list? The points are all equally important and cannot be substituted. But what I particularly appreciate more there is communication and making time for each other. Marriages are starved of that luxury these days.


Now look at that! Honesty, Commitment and Appreciation are what the kiddo emphasized. Of course relationship based on deceit won't last long. Constantly remind your partner how much you are grateful for having him/her in your life. Also, always remember your commitment to your spouse. Don't forget "for better for worse, for richer for poorer".


Share the chores! Don't make the other overwhelmed, be there for each other emotionally, financially, physically, house choreslly (if there is such thing). Don't stop going on dates because you are married,and don't let small issues cause a big rift between you.


Well in every group there is always someone that goes off point right? Turns out the kids are no different. For God's sake, someone get miss Thornton another dog!

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This kid is certainly the first born. Perhaps he misses the attention given him when he was the only kid. This sends a strong message to all parents, the second kid does not make the first of less importance. Always remember that.

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Okay Zoey! Do you have a story to back up this advice? We will appreciate more explanation on this, thanks in advance. But I think what he might mean is to embrace cleanness otherwise just get different bathrooms.


We understand you young fellow. The adults should just figure out their own stuffs right? You have your own life to worry about when you get to that stage. As for now, you'll rather just be a kid and enjoy the life that comes along with it. They should just do it right, why else are they adults?


Now this hits differently. We have no idea the damage divorce causes to the emotional health of the kids. Can't fathom what the kid is going through right now, but it's definitely a lot. Perhaps more than he/she can handle.


Oh an advocate of violence! 😂 And most likely a girl too. We agree about your first sentence. But smacking in the head with a frying pan? I hope he always listens. 😀


Whenever there is a fight always try to hear each other out and find ways to resolve quickly. Help each other out often and never give up. Yes, and you are stuck! So try your best to make it work.


Chitchat time. Always make out time everyday to talk about how your day went. Set out time for just the two of you and enjoy every moment. And make a picture book, very important.


And who do we have here, a disciplinarian! If someone is lagging behind in their chores, pushups is the ideal punishment. According to the kid, 15 pushups for every mess up. I have to be very careful, can't afford an arm fracture. 😂


The MVP! Don't argue over flimsy matters. It doesn't matter wherever it is placed, the toothbrush will survive. So will the towel, the ashtray and whatever you could think of. Don't let such things cause any argument, as this could must have experienced.

Now tell me, have you not learnt a lot from the kids? They certainly remind us of things we take for granted but mean a lot to having a smooth marital relationship. Let's learn from the kids.

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