Is It Tuesday???

Psst, guys! Did you realize that it's Tuesday? I didn't. It's the holiday season so everyone is enjoying friends and family time. Me too, and I'm also playing a game. It's Rising Star guys. It has been a lot of fun. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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3 Card combo pack 1

Well, guys, this is the first pack from the bunch of packs. The first pack I'm opening is the pack that I got after finishing the 1000 Missions. I’m back to getting 1 Rare and 2 Common cards, no more surprise Epic cards. So, let’s see what we have here.


This time I got Toadie, Cheap Car, and Mid Range Acoustic. Well, my collection of these cards are rising. Together they give me 200 skills, +10 fans, +15 luck, and 1 IM. Now that will definitely earn me a lot of Starbits.

3 Card combo pack 2

Hmm, this is strange! An All Instrument Card pack. This is the second pack I opened guys and yes it was all instruments. Let's see what I got.


So this time I got 80s Mic, Banjo, and Cheap Drum Kit Drums. This is the first time I got an 80s Mic which is a Rare card and the other two are common. No mix of cards here. Together they give me +66 luck!

3 Card combo pack 3

Let's open the third pack of the day, shall we? So, let's take a look.


Oh, wow finally a mix. Now I got Daisy, Cheap Car and Record Producer. Although, it's 2people and a vehicle at least one of them is different. They look good though. Daisy can take the Cheap Car for her studio session with the Record Producer. Just having a thoughtful moment. Together they give me 160 fans, 3 luck, 125 skill, and 4 IM.

3 Card combo pack 1

Tat-tada-tat. 3 card combo pack number 4. Here we go.


Oh oh oh. Another 80s Mic, not bad. The other two are Cheap Keyboard and Buster. Hmm, I got the Rare card, that I didn't have in my collection, twice on the same day. The collection increases the value of your portfolio. So, I'll buy a few more packs to increase the value of the collection.

Oh yes, I told you I got the 80s Mic twice so I'll save a section for it.

The 80’s Mic


Remember the good old 80s and 70s? All that hairspray in the air, such a variety of music, playing "Another one bites the dust", good old day, right? This Mic survived it all. It’s a very old mic. The quality is not so good now and it gives you 60 luck. It’s Rare though because it’s a very old mic but it kinda was very trendy at that time.

"They suffered a lot with the wind in the '70s and 80's"

You know I'll be back again. See you later. Stay tuned for the next segment.


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