Monday Funday

Hey fellow Music Lovers. Oh, yea It's Monday. I know it's a no-fun-day but my days are fun. Have been playing Rising Star as much as possible. How about let's make it a Monday Funday?! I already like the idea. You can see my referral key down below, hit it:

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So, here is how far I have gone so far

How about being a rising star?
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Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!
Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!
Saturday Support!
Saturday Headlines!
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Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit
Thursday highlights!!
Freaky Friday Fiesta
Hip Hip Hurray!! It's Sunday

So today I'll be doing a few cards and a Music Lesson and a Special Mission. Chillax, I'll make Monday a fun day with the Missions, you'll see. So moving on to My card collection.

People: Dodgy Manager


The Dodgy Manager is not that rare. He is a common card. He works for other musicians and he doesn’t have any skills at all but somehow, he still has 10 fans! So, he is not a musician and he is pretty dodgy. He is not trustworthy either but he's needed when the Band is formed. This dodgy man has 0 luck but would you look at that, he has 2 income modifiers.

“More slippery than a ‘soap on a rope’. Not a very trustworthy bloke!”

Ahh, you think that wasn't fun, now, was it?! Okay, I'll give you fun.



Oh, look we got a Bongo player, is it a Bongo? I'm confused. Well, Winston happens to be a talented beats master and is popular. Winston is a really rare card. He usually sings or plays reggae type songs. He looks like a Rockstar and plays the beats like a reggae master! And he is very popular. He has 175 FANS!!! Along with 75 skills, he even has 4 luck.

“A treat for your feet with his reggae beat!”

Now, this was fun. Am I right? Okay, the next segment is here: Ta-da

Music Lessons: Production Lesson


Production Lesson is the 4th music lesson in the Music lesson segment. I'll explain it to you with my fun-version details. Well, you see I'm now a popular star and I no longer sneak around busking in the corners. Nowadays, I do rehearsals at a production house where I test out my singing and playing skills. Isn't that fun! Yep, it is. So I clicked on the Start and let it go on.


“Do you prefer electronic instruments?
This lesson will help you mix them like a pro!”

Production Lesson helps you get 5 to 10 skills and 120 XP! This basically teaches your character how to use a DJ booth and other electronic instruments or musical items. For this lesson, you need 10 fans and 40% energy. The duration of this lesson is a little long which is 60 minutes and your level needs to be 30. So now you'd start feeling like a star musician. I can feel it too!

Special Missions: Play for BEER


Yay more drunk fan!!! No? It's not the drunk fans? Then What? Oh, I see, it the BEER stakes that get posted on the comment section. Hahaha, I thought I was going to get more drunk fans. No no, I didn't think that, I knew exactly what it was, just fooling you a little bit. See, you've lightened up already.


“Be a cool musician and play for BEER. You will need 24 BEER staked which also means you can reward others using!BEER in comments."

Play for Beer is a part of the Special Missions that help you get a 0.005 Beer Reward. For this mission, you need 10 fans, 65% energy, the duration is 30 minutes and your level needs to be 1 or higher. Now, Only that energy consumption looks a little higher, right? But I guess 0.005 Beer Reward ain't nothing. So, hit the start, and let's have some beer.

So, what do you think guys?! Monday was Funday enough?! I think so?! It is a Funday. I'll be back again tomorrow.


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