Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!

Hello music lovers. Today I'll be doing another post for the game Rising Stars.

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This is a really fun and easy game where you can earn Starbits tradable on the Hive engine. In this article, I'd like to elaborate on two Missions in Hometown.

Open Mic Night

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Well at first you have to open the game to your browser and then click on have a chain. Then insert your Hive Id and click confirm on the keychain. There you go, you're logged in the game.

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Next, you'll see that there are Missions that you can do. Basically, missions are tasks that help you level up in the game and earn you Startbits, Fans, Skill Points, and such.

Now click on the 2nd option on the Missions list, that is Open Mic Night. For this mission, you need to be on Level 2. Also, you need at least 25 fans and 20% energy. It takes about 10 minutes to finish up. It gives you about 10 to 47 Starbits and 20 XP that is experience points. All you have to do is click on the Start button and Voilà.

rising star 5.jpg

Mid Week Support Slot


Now, this Mission needs more fans, power, and level than Open Mic Night. It requires 50 fans and 35% energy and needs 25 minutes. The Starbits that you get are also higher than the previous missions, which is 30 to 129, and with higher experience points, that is 51XP. Well, if you have the necessary amount of energy, level and fans then just click on the Start button and chill. It will be done by itself.


So that's all for today and see you again tomorrow with another post.



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