Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit

Hello, Rockstars! How are you all doing? I'm Good so far and feeling a bit thrilled. I'll tell you why. Well, you know I have been posting about the game called the Rising Star and I have something interesting to share. Before that, my referral key down below:

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As I said, I have something interesting to share. Before I share the interesting part, I want to show you a Booster today. It's the Fan Boosters, guys. There are many Fan Boosters ranging from 1 to 100.


These Fan cards help you do Missions where you'll be needing more fans than you have. These are permanent drunk fans that you can store with these cards. Yes, I know Risky Whiskey also store drunk fans that you can use later, but so do these cards.

1 5 10.jpg
50 100.jpg

You can see that none of these cards are worth the same, and why would it be. Different Fan Boosters, different market price. These cards are very useful when you're doing bigger missions where you'll need more fans.

So, that's all I'll talk about today about the FanBoosters.

Now comes the interesting part. Yes, guys, the second Mission in the Local Gig Circuit has opened. And, it's called Radio Studio Session. Let's check it out.

Local Gig Circuit

As I have already done the first Mission in the Local Gig Circuit, today I'll be doing the second Mission. I know how much I have been waiting to share this with you guys. So, let's start.

Radio Studio Session

So the second Mission in the Local gig circuit is Radio Studio Session. It took me a while to get to this point. I had played for hours till I reached Level 25 and play this Mission. Well finally here we are.


As you can see you have to be a Level 25 player to do this mission and have to have at least 500 fans. Well, everyone loved you in your Radio Interview and you became popular so now you're going to be singing live on air. It's a 30 minutes long Mission that needs 65% of your energy and it earns you 60 to 346 Starbits with 65XP and Ego: 1.


So far this game is going great and I'm enjoying it a lot. I will do posts about the game every day and give you more information as I progress.

This is it for today. Soon I'll be back again with another one.


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