Saturday Headlines!

Hey all Music Lovers. Here I am again. And you know what this is about,? Yea it's about the game Rising Star and I'm loving it. I hope you enjoy it too. My referral key down below:

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As you can see that I have posted about this game almost every day and you can check my progress there as well. My previous works are down below:

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Saturday Support!

So, Sunday, weekend. I was going through the missions and thinking about what to write today then I thought I should share this with you:

local gig.jpg

Yes Local Gig Circuit has opened for me. So I can do different types of Missions and share with you guys. As I was saying that I was thinking of what to share today so I thought of doing Music Lessons. So, I'll be sharing two Music Lessons in this post. So, let's begin.

Music Lessons

Basic Singing Lesson

Music Lessons helps you acquire more skills which in turn reduces your ego and helps you earn more Starbits in other Missions. So the first music Lesson is Basic Singing Lesson. You can start doing this lesson as soon as you get to Level 10.


Basic Singing Lesson will require only 10 fans and it will take about 60 minutes to complete. You'll need to have 40% energy for this lesson. But what will you earn in return? Like I said before, Missions give you Starbits, and Music Lessons reward you skill points. So, you'll get 6 to 72 skill points from Basic Singing Lesson and it will also give you 120XP.

basic 2.jpg

Just click on the Start button and it's on.

Guitar Lesson

The second music lesson is Guitar Lesson. It's written in the description here that your guitar cards will help you collect more Skill rewards with this lesson. So, play it like a rockstar.


Guitar Lesson rewards you with 19 to 37 Skill points and 120XP with just 10 Fans and like the Basic Singing Lesson, it needs 60 minutes and 40% energy and you can do it when you're a Level 10 player.


So let's click on that Start Button and let's play.

Oh, there's more. I'm not over yet. Remember I said I'll include Saturday Headlines today? Now it's time to show how it's done. So let's begin.

Saturday Headlines

It's time for Saturday Headlines now. This is the very last mission in Home Town and when the Local Gig Circuit opens, there are a lot of different missions there that you can complete.


Saturday Headlines is top-notch in Home town. So what does this mission require? This mission requires 300 fans, that's pretty high I know. Also, you need to be a Level 20 player and it will require 100% of your energy. Even the Ego is high with this one, it's 7 Ego. With all that, in about 3 hours that is 180 minutes, you'll receive 350 to 1320 Startbits and 127XP points. Now that's something.


So hit the Start and for 3 hours let it play itself.

This is it for today. I will be posting every day about Rising Star so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you so much.



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