Cold Pizza Slice & Red Lambo!

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So I decided to do another booster today along with a vehicle. But today I won't be doing another mission. I'll do one again tomorrow. So on to the next booster.

Cold Pizza Slice & Pizza Box


While doing missions now and then you'll receive pizza slices that will refill your energy. And you can also buy Cold Pizza from the card section. Pizza and Cold Pizza both helps you recharge and to continue your missions. Do you know what does Pizza Box do? We know how the coffee cups work, it stores the coffee to use it later. The same thing pizza boxes do for pizzas, it stores discarded unused pizzas that you can use later.


As you can see from the market price of the pizza and pizza boxes, it costs 10,000 Starbits to buy a Cold Pizza Slice and 7,500 Starbits for Pizza box. You can swap with Hive if you want.

Red Lambo

What a shiny new ride. Isn't she gorgeous? Yes, you're right, it's a Red Lambo, a rock god's ride. It makes your collection look impressive, right?


You see, in the Music Lesson section, you'll be needing instruments and vehicles. The Red Lambo help you with the last music lesson that is Road Crew Lesson.


As we know, Music lessons help you get more permanent skill points and that helps you balance your ego. The Ego meter needs to be at Zero to earn more Starbits. The fans and the skills need to be equal for that very purpose. Road Crew Lesson is the last music lesson on this list and it's a big one for which you'll need 5000 fans and Level 100 to do that. Basically, you'll be touring with your gang and a shiny new red Lambo will increase your fans. More fans mean more Starbits. Just keep that Ego in check and you're good to go.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my post and found it helpful. I try to be as detailed as possible and make it a bit fun. I'll be back again with a new one hopefully tomorrow.



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