Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!

Hey, Music lovers. I'm back with another tutorial of the game Rising Star. This is a fun new game and very easy to play.

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You can check out my other posts to get an idea about the game.

How about being a rising star?
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Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!

Yesterday I did two Missions, one is Open Mic Night and the other is a Mid-week support slot. Today I'm giving you step by step of two other Missions. First is Busking with a License. and the other is Midweek Headline Slot.

Busking with a License

As I have done the whole How to Start the game with all the detailed steps in my previous article, I'll skip all those steps now and jump off to how to do the missions. So first I chose the Busking with a License as it's a lower level than the other one.


This is where you start your game and it will lead you to your Missions.

unknown (2).png

The next thing you need to do is to click on Busking with a License and you'll see all that is required to complete the Mission.

unknown (3).png

You see here that it needs about 100 fans and 65% energy. You must be a Level 8 player and this Mission will take about 45 minutes and will earn you 60 to 242 Starbits, 93XP and 1Ego. Now you have to remember to keep your ego 0. Ego isn't going to do well to build up in the game. So next you click on the START and Let the game begin.

Midweek Headline Slot

So this is another game that's higher level than the earlier Missions. Midweek Headline Slot needs more energy and fans than Busking With a License.


You can see from the picture that you need about 125 fans and you have to be at Level 10 at least to do this Mission and takes 1 hour to finish. This mission will earn you 110 to 384 Starbits and XP125. XP is the experience points that you earn to move on to the next level. This Mission also gives you 1Ego point. So, click on the START and comeback after an hour for the next Mission.

mid week headline 2.jpg

I hope this helps you understand all the basics of this game and you'll slowly move up and become a Rising Star. Thank you so much.



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