Freaky Friday Fiesta

Hey Rockstars. Happy Friday and hope you guys are doing great. Well, I'm here enjoying the misty weather and playing my favorite game Rising Star. Before I start with that, my referral key down below:

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Well sorry again that I won't be able to post about the mission today. I have a few rare cards in my collection that I'll be posting and I have great news to share with you today. So, moving on to cards:

Instruments: Lute


The descriptions of the cards are quite funny. Here it is written that "When someone says they are going to pluck your lute, doesn't mean they are going to steal your money." The Lute is a high-level instrument that only popular and skilled musicians use. It gives you +50 luck which means you'll have a better chance of bagging more Starbits. It’s a very rare card too. As you can see from the pictures, it costs a bit.

People: Antonio


“Keeping the best aCajonly” Well Antonio is a rare card, making beats in his Cajon. With 100 fans and 150 skills, this fella is quite the musician to keep in your collection. The 3 lucks and 1 income generator also comes in handy while doing Missions and Music Lesson, also Special Lessons. Yes, I'll be talking about Special Lessons soon, just not today. You can see, why Antonio is rare, he has got skills and fans in his bag which makes him very valuable.

People: Lolita


Ooh, Lolita!! Pretty Lolita is such a sweetheart and a crowd-pleaser. “Lolita, Lolita, Is there anyone sweeter? When she plays castanets it’s a real treat!” Oh yes, she is great at playing castanets. She is less skilled than Antonio but she is still more popular than him. and that's why she has 200 fans. With 75 skill points, 1 luck, and 1 income generator, she's quite a catch. Her market price can be evidence of why she's rare and desirable.

Vehical: Mid Range Tour Bus


“Orange you glad you have one of these?” Oh, look! The band's very own Mystery Machine. You may see it's Common but this is no ordinary van. It's kind of like a tiny home for musicians who travel often and go all around the world holding concerts and other things. The best thing about this vehicle is that it gives you +25 fans and +2 luck!! It doesn't store any skills but it has 2 income modifiers so it's pretty handy in its way.

Well well well, we're now in my highlight! Yes, I will now share the special news with you. I'll show as well.


Starbits Millionaire


Yes guys I have joined the millionaire club today. Isn't it great? This card is only issued to people who have 1 million Starbits. I have finally got this card. And believe me, I'm more than excited to continue to play this game. Doesn't that card look shiny?!

So, guys how to do you like this Millionaire card?! This is it for tonight. I'll be back again with another post tomorrow


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