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Hello Music Lovers. I hope everyone is doing alright. I'm back with another one of my posts. Before I start with that, my referral key down below:

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Well, guys, I won't be doing any Missions posts today. The next Mission unlocks when I reach Level 30 and I still have a little more to go. So I'll be talking about a few of the cards that I have in my collection.

People: Toadie


Toadie, Toadie, Toadie; what can I say about Toadie? He's a very skilled higher level musician, but boy he's so much trouble. Always drinking around and passing out, he doesn't have fans. Well, it's written in the description that "He's never ready and always has a sore headie!" so I based my description on it. You can see him passed out backstage along with the puke stains.


As I was saying, Toadie is a skilled musician, as you can see he's got 200 Skill points. But he has no fans due to his unreliable nature. He's got 5 Luck points and luck points generate more Starbits. It happens to be one of the rare cards. So better keep it to use it for Music Lessons. You can see how much it takes to buy a Toadie card and it's not a cheap one either.

People: Daisy


Oh, pretty Daisy! She sings beautifully and plays the guitar well. The people in the park enjoy her music a lot. Sunny days, beautiful scenery, and Daisy playing music sitting on the park bench! Well, she's a solo artist and comfortable entertaining in the park.


Daisy is also a rare people card and with 150 fans permanently stored. She's not much skilled as Toadie, she has 100 skill points and 3 lucks. But, with the fans, she has in store, and with 4 income generators, she's a very desirable card for the collection. And would you look at the price!

Instruments: The Red One


Wow, the red shiny keyboard! This red one will breathe life into your music. And would you look at that! Along with all the instruments, it's adding more vibe to your collection. It also has 60 Luck, which means more Starbits and XP for you. And you'll get more skill while using it in Music lessons. As it's one of the rare instrument cards, it ain't cheap.

Instruments: Double Bass


It's time for you to jazz up your tunes and shake the stage guys. This double bass is going to make everyone jump from their seats. It will definitely bring out the Ray Brown inside of you. With 55 lucks, it will help you do your Missions, earn you Starbits and XP and also help you with Music Lessons to gain more skills. Let's jazz.

Vehicles: Speed Boat


A Speed Boat!!! Yea, a Speed Boat. This shiny little thing looks so good on your collection and so useful too. Look it has 400 fans permanently stored. Yes, guys 400! Isn't that great? It doesn't get you any skill points though. With +4 luck and +3 income generators, it will acquire you more Starbits and XP points. Ooh My, would you look at that price! No wonder this shiny boat isn't cheap!

I hope you like my post. I'll be back again with another one. Stay tuned


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