Tricky Tuesday!!

Tuesday is here guys. It's getting a bit chilly around here. So, I thought why not do another segment on Rising Star. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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3 Card combo pack

This time I got 2 combo packs so let's check it out.


WOAH! If you’re wondering why I’m shouting…It’s because I just got another card pack! This one has Frankie, Buster, and Glam Rocker. Pretty good in my opinion. This is the first time I got People: Frankie, so I will add a segment about it. All of these 3 cards are characters…So, that’s cool.


Okay, we got an MPC-500-WS, a Record Producer, and the Cheap Trumpet. That’s Nice! The record producer and the 500-WS could help me with my music lessons!

People: Frankie


Woah, Frank Sinatra! Fly me to the moon! Oh, oops…Sorry Frankie. Thought you were Frank Sinatra. Welp, we wish it was Frank Sinatra… Umm… never mind. Let me introduce you to my friend Frankie here and he is no cheap or common card. He is rare and talented. Although he ain't no god-like Sinatra, still he's quite a great card. This guy has 75 skills, 125 fans, 4 luck, and 3 IM! Good for him.

"“He can croon us to the moon”

Music Lessons: Drum Lesson

So guys, remember I was using Derek for Starbit Millionaire Mission? Yes, I decided to change it. So, my new avatar is Frankie. We'll be doing Music Lessons and you know it doesn't matter much which avatar I choose. So, let's go.


Ta-dum-ta-dum. Oh, hi. This is my drum lesson. It’s a bit hard but very fun. So, hit the Start button, and let's do some lessons, Frankie needs to be a bit more versatile. Let's go guys.


Drum Lesson isn't an easy task. You see, you need to be at a higher level with plenty of fans at your disposal. Let's get the stats now. You need 2500 fans, your level must be 50 or higher, you need 40% energy and the duration, 60 minutes!!! But you get good things out of it. You get 10 to 20 skills and 120 XP!


"Timing is more important than how hard you can hit them!
Percussion instruments = more skill."

That's it for today guys. I'll be back with another segment. Stay tuned for more updates.


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