Christmas Cheer Continues!!!

Happy Holidays y'all. This is post-Christmas Post. Did I use the word "post" twice? I'm playing my favorite game and leveling up. Let's play Rising Star. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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Christmas Merriment!!!

3 Card combo pack 1


So let's open a pack of cards guys. This is the first pack of 3 card combo pack. Let's open it.

Woah, do you guys see it?! I can't believe it. I got an Epic card in the combo pack!!! This is unbelievable. I got Daisy, Cheap Cello and The Grand Piano! Yay!!! Grand Piano is the Epic Card and also happens to be the first Epic card I got. This is exciting guys. Together they give me 204 luck, 150 fans, 100 skill, and 4 IM. Nice!

3 Card combo pack 2 & 3

Two packs together. Yes, I know I have never done two packs together, but I have reasons to do so. Let's see the "why", shall we?



As two cards in each pack are the same, I’m writing about them in this section. This time I got 2 Dereks, 2 cheap cars, A French Horn and a Cheap Keyboard. So, one pack has 1 Derek, 1 Cheap Car, and 1 French Horn. The other one has 1 Derek, 1 Cheap Car, and 1 Cheap Keyboard. That’s a lot of cards! Altogether they give me 17 luck, 270 fans, 300 skill, and 4 IM. Awesome!

3 Card combo pack 4

Dope! Now I got the Touring Coach, Cheap Guitar, and the Glam Rocker! Nice! Here Touring Couch is the Rare card and the other 2 are common cards. Together they give me 4 luck, 550 fans, 1 skill, and 3 IM. Nice!


So, these are all the cards that I have opened. And it keeps increasing my collection worth. The more cards you have the more value it adds. So just because a card is Common, doesn't mean it doesn't have much worth, because it does.

Let's move on to the next section.

Instruments: Piano


Wait, am I hearing what you're hearing?! What is that sound? Such a beautiful melody. My head feels like in the clouds. Wow, I feel like dancing. I know I know, it's the Grand Piano card guys. This is an Epic card. This card is more expensive than Rare. So, imagine what it does to your collection. Yes, guys, it's a hoot. It gives you 200 luck, all the more reason to be excited.

“You better have skills for this beauty otherwise you’ll look like a fool.”

So, guys! I'll be back with more updates. Wish this holiday season brings lots of joy to you and your loved ones. Stay tuned for the next segment.


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