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So guys, today I'll be doing a mix of cards. So let's begin.

3 Card combo pack

Yes guys I have acquired another pack of combo cards. Say I have said before, this pack includes 3 cards; 2 common and 1 rare. Let's see, shall we?

card pack.png

Ooh, nice. This time I got 2 Goths and another MC Pressure. This is really cool. I know I haven't done the "Goth" card yet and I'll do it soon.

Let's move on to another segment? A few cards that'll show you today.

People: Brit Popstar


At first, I thought, what is 'Brit popstar.' Is it a reference to some guy with very little musical skills and acts a bit snobbish, drinks champagne, and lives in a villa somewhere far? Who knows! I certainly don't! Just joking guys chill. But truly I got nothing on this guy except he has just 1 skill. Not that attractive, it's a common card.

"Doesn't live in a house, a very big house, in the country. Might find them drinking a Champagne Supernova."

People: Mr. Dependable


Oh, Mr. Dependable. You are so helpful. Always taking care of all the instruments and gadgets, getting the van ready on time, dropping us to the next gig safely, and helping in the backstage, what more could we ask for. You're the one keeping us going. Yes, Mr. Dependable sounds wonderful but he is a common card. He doesn't have fans, IM, or luck. But in the skills department, he's rich as he has 15 skills.

"As his name suggests you can rely on him to get your gear safely to where it needs to for your next gig"

Instruments: French Horn


Is it that same brass horn that you had when you started your musical career in that old-school jazz club? ? Oh yes yes, I see it. Hmm, that dinged old French horn. It was your companion in the early years. The French Horn is pretty classic and sounds amazing. The French horn is a common card. It gives you +12 luck too! If you want something classic and something that would cover the fact that you have a terrible voice then this could be of use.

“This will make you sound a lot more ‘ooh la la’ then ‘bla blab la’”

Instruments: MPC-500-WS


The MPS-500-WS is a rare card in this section. It is a pretty old, classic but very helpful. It was made in 2006. Well, it might be a little rusty but it's okay. It gives you +60 luck. So, if you are a musician looking for something old and classic then this might be it for you.

“Classic music production workstation from 2006”

Did it ever happen to you that you just blinked and you landed on Monday? Oh, it did? Yea well this minion has been telling me the same.



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