Monday Shindig!!

Hey guys, what’s up? I know Monday is nobody’s favorite. And after a weekend blast, Monday seems like a drag. But, you know me! I’ll never let a Monday be dull; I’ll make it a happy Monday. So, let’s go for a Monday Shindig. Hit my referral key down below:

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People: Dorris


Oh, lookie here it’s Dorris Crockford from Harry Potter! Oh, wait never mind guess it’s not that Dorris. She might not be a witch but she’s an A-Okay singer! Well, she is common but puts a lot of effort into whatever she is doing. She never gives up. Dorris is not that skilled either but she does what she can do best and that is “Try” she tries hard so it’s an A for effort. She has 5 skills and 10 fans. I know it’s not much but she is trying as hard as possible and maybe one day she’ll make it to the top.

“Those were the days! Let’s hope her beehive doesn’t add any buzz to your music!”

People: Buster


Don’t let his name fool you. He is not some worthless man playing the cheap sax, oh no, no! He is not a worthless man. He is a musician! A future star! No, I don’t mean the stars in the sky I mean the popular star. This guy might be a common card and you might think that guys like him are a dime a dozen but you’re wrong. You can’t find anyone like him. Everyone is special and unique in their own way and so is the Buster. He is very skilled but the old chap here doesn’t have too many fans. With 10 skills and 0 fans, now that’s just unfair. Go hire him and make him feel loved.

“pickitup, pickitup, pickitup!”

Instruments: Cheap Sax


The Cheap Sax is a Saxophone. A saxophone is quite similar to a trumpet but it’s different somehow. Now, just because it’s a Cheap Sax doesn’t mean it’s some useless junk now, is it? Of course not, it might not be the best but it works. The best thing about it is that it gives you +1 luck. Some people even think it belongs in a cheap motel room…I mean the Cheap Sax is a bit rusty but it’s better than nothing right? Right!

“Best in a cheap motel room”

Instruments: Didgeridoo


Scooby-dooby-doo where are you? We found a Didgeridoo! This old Australian instrument might be a common card but it’s not useless. Well, now you can’t deny the fact that it gives you +2 LUCK! Can you? It makes your songs more unique than a bird’s chirp in the dawn. It looks and sounds beautiful. It feels like heaven blessed your ear. If you think just because it’s a common card it’s worthless then you are definitely a person who judges a book by its cover but in this case, you are a person who judges an instrument by its rarity. At least try it out. Trust me you won’t regret your decision but if you do…well then let me just tell you this I said “Trust me you won’t regret your decision” I never said “I promise you won’t regret your decision”

“Do you use a Didger in your music? The iconic instrument of the Aboriginal Australians. Make your songs unique!”

What!!! Did you really think I would skip the fun part and just end here?! Oh no sir. Now comes the exciting part.

Mini Games: Jumping Jets


So open Risingstargames in your browser. Then click on Start a Mission. There you’ll find Mini games right underneath Special Missions. Now when you open it you'll see Jumping Jets. Now hit it.


Jumping jets is quite a hilarious game. You have to keep the jet going. Keep it moving up and down. And if you hit the strings then it's game over. So be careful not to hit the strings too soon, but we all hit eventually. In the end, you'll get your battle rewards.

Oh, guys one last thing that I would like to share with you. It has been a lot of fun playing Rising Star and Today I have hit the 500 Mission mark. Yes, guys, I have done a total of 500 Missions. Isn't that great?


This is it, fellas, we're at the end of our segment. I'll be back again with another segment so stay tuned and enjoy memes.



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