Thursday Thunder!!

Hey fellas. Thursday is here Yesss!! And Friday tomorrow. So we're excited, aren’t we? So let's get ready for some Thursday special tonic! Let's start playing Rising Star and you’ll feel closer to Friday already. Uppity up up! Now hit my referral key down below and let's go:

My Referral

So, you can see what I have done so far

How about being a rising star?
S5 Mozart: You have it on buying 12 packs for 100,000 starbits!
Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!
Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!
Saturday Support!
Saturday Headlines!
Radio Interview!
Cold Pizza Slice & Red Lambo!
Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit
Thursday highlights!!
Freaky Friday Fiesta
Hip Hip Hurray!! It's Sunday
Monday Funday
Taco Tuesday!!
Wednesday Addams paying a visit!

So, I don't have missions for you today. I know, not great. But you know me, and I can do magic.

3 Card combo pack

3 p.jpg

Did I tell you I have bought 2 packs of cards? I didn't. Well, I have recently purchased 3 Card combo pack 2 packs of them. Do you know what was inside? Let's check it out.

card pack.jpg
card pack1.jpg

So I got "1 rare and 2 common" combo of cards in EACH of the packs. So, I got Winston - Limey - French horn in one pack and MC Pressure - Cheap bass - Rusty mic in the other. That's good enough, right?

From Antonio to Lolita


You see, in all my other posts I have used the Antonio card. So today I have changed my card from Antonio to Lolita! Ooh, la la! Do you know how to change these character cards? Let me explain. You need to click on the card on the Home page and it'll take you to the Band section. Here you can edit your band members, accordingly.

The Newest Addition to Special Missions &

Christmas Special Card


Oh, I have got something else for you too. Did you see the new addition to the Special Missions? You didn't? Why not? Look look? It's a Christmas party yay! We'll be enjoying Christmas this whole month! Isn't that awesome! Oh, but do you know that there's an additional card that was included? Let me tell you what that is?


It's a Christmas special Wizzy card!! Oh wow, he looks nothing like the regular Santa!! Hmm more like a combo of a little eccentric wizard and Santa Clause, am I right? Well, I haven't bought the card yet but you can check the specifics.

Okay so let's jump to our next segment, shall we?

People: Songwriter


She looks so thoughtful. As if millions of poems are swirling inside her. She'll soon start writing and will give you the best of lyrics imaginable. A songwriter is a rare card that I have acquired recently. She doesn't have fans, I wonder why though! Well, she may not have fans, but she does have skills, 50 of them. Along with that, she has 2 lucks and 10 income modifiers. So, now do you wonder why it's rare?

" Hides from the spotlight but cranks out the potential hits that every band needs"

People: Undead Fred


Oh wow, now that looks Sensational and scary, doesn't he? He's Undead Fred what did you expect. He looks like just rose from his grave, ooo spooky! Well, Undead Fred is a Sensational card. I haven't done any Sensational cards before but this I have just acquired so I'll give you the specifics. So, this spooksmater has 110 skills and 100 fans! Wow, that is cool! Fred ain't so dead now, is he! Nad he's expensive too? Yikes!!

"He will Help you rise up the charts"

Hang in there, guys. It's almost the weekend here. We'll have a lot of fun over the weekends, right? So keep the party going till we max out.



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