Taco Tuesday!!

Hey Rockstars. How are you all doing? Oh, come on it's Taco Tuesday. And who doesn't like Tacos?! Now go on have your tacos and enjoy the delicious Tuesday. Hmm, tacos on a shivering Tuesday; what could be better? Oh yes, add 'playing Rising Star' on the list and it's fireworks everywhere. Now hit my referral key down below and let's go:

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So, here is how far I have gone so far

How about being a rising star?
S5 Mozart: You have it on buying 12 packs for 100,000 starbits!
Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!
Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!
Saturday Support!
Saturday Headlines!
Radio Interview!
Cold Pizza Slice & Red Lambo!
Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit
Thursday highlights!!
Freaky Friday Fiesta
Hip Hip Hurray!! It's Sunday
Monday Funday

Instruments: Mid-Range Acoustic


Remember the good old days! When you were busking around and getting chased away by the cops, taking music lessons to improve your skills; you remember what you were playing then? Yes, that same old Mid-Range Acoustic Guitar. The Mid-Range Acoustic is a guitar card is a common card but it’s good for a newbie or a musician who is not that professional. It gives you 10+ luck and it helps you with your guitar lessons. So, if you are a musician looking for something a bit better than your cheap instruments then you should really take a look at the Mid-Range Acoustic.

“Look at you splashing out! This is going to make a real difference to your sound!”

Instruments: Nykelharpa


Now, this is one strange yet beautiful instrument. The Nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument and by the looks of it, it seems like a mix of violing and a harp; although I’m not sure and just assuming. It’s a rare card and it gives you 60+ luck!!! It’s a very complicated instrument but I must say it’s music is fascinating. If you are a talented musician looking for an instrument that suits you then you might wanna take a look at The Nyckelharpa. This instrument will definitely up your game and will get you more popularity.

“It’s a traditional Swede instrument that might turnip in a pack”

Music Lessons: Piano Lesson


Oh, are we learning to play another instrument today? Well, learning a piano isn’t easy and it takes years of practice for any musician. Some start learning at a very young age and try classical and jazz. Whichever you want to try, will surely boost your musical skills.


Piano Lesson is a part of The Music Lessons. It helps you get 5 to 10 Skill Reward and 120 XP. For this lesson need, 1000 fans and your level needs to be 25. The duration is kind of long 60 minutes and you need 40% energy. So sharpen up your skills by hitting the start button. Relax, we're doing great.

“Time to move on from Chopsticks and see what you can take away from this lesson.
Keyboards/pianos = more skill. ”

Special Missions: Pixel Cover Shoot


Oh wow, Rockstar! Now you’re in cover shots! That is amazing. You’re moving up the ladder fast. Well, do your photoshoots for your covers; believe me it’s for your own publicity. You’ll not regret it.


Pixel Cover Shoot is a part of The Special Missions. It helps you get a 1000-pixel reward. It’s a photoshoot. For this mission, you need 10 or higher fans. Your level needs to be 1 or higher. Yes I know you can do it way back before but good things come to you when you have patience. The duration is 60 minutes and you need 80% energy! Another energy drainer, but worth it!

“Do a cover shoot for your promotional material and get paid in PIXEL. PIXEL - Incentivising Photography Content on Hive”

So guys, this is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed playing Rising Stars as much as I have! Have a Taco Tuesday fun!



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