Wednesday Addams paying a visit!

Hey fellas. IT’S WEDNESDAY. We’re almost close to Friday, aren’t we? I’m just keeping my spirits up. I know nothing seems better than Taco Tuesday, But don’t be glum, I can make Wednesdays even peppier. Open your browser, start playing Rising Star and you’ll see you have started feeling better already. Now hit my referral key down below and let's go:

My Referral

So, here is how far I have gone so far

How about being a rising star?
S5 Mozart: You have it on buying 12 packs for 100,000 starbits!
Open Mic Night & Mid Week Support Slot!
Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!
Saturday Support!
Saturday Headlines!
Radio Interview!
Cold Pizza Slice & Red Lambo!
Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit
Thursday highlights!!
Freaky Friday Fiesta
Hip Hip Hurray!! It's Sunday
Monday Funday
Taco Tuesday!!

So guys, hmm I know I haven’t done missions in a few days. That’s because the next one opens up at level 40 and I’m almost there. Thank you for your patience. Today, I’ll be doing 2 instrument cards and another Special Mission. Let’s begin:

Instruments: Congas


Are you feeling the beats of the drum? Is your one foot tapping with the rhythm? Look, even your head is swaying a little. Congas have that effect. Congas are a rare Instrument card. Now they might sound like they are from Congo but they are not! They are from Cuba. They give you 50+ luck. If you are a musician looking for a rare and interesting instrument then this could be it for you. With more luck, you’ll earn more skills and Starbits. Look at that market price, would you? Now that is truly a rare card.

"Jungle beats and rhythmic treats”

Instruments: Vintage Synth


What a lovely tune it is. A synth plays some amazing tunes, right? Vintage Synth is a rare card. It looks a lot like a keyboard but it’s not. It’s an instrument that generates audio signals. It gives you 50+ luck. It's pretty hard to play but also helps you earn Skills and Starbits. So, it’s worth the price.

“Channel your inner New Romantic with this historic synth”

Special Missions: Gift Charity Gig


Well, many of you know about the gift giver site, but I don't know much about it. What I understand about the concept is that, this
GiftGiver is a great initiative to help out those who need resources. They have their own site. You can also find GiftGiver at Hive Engine if you want to know more about the initiative.


Gift Charity Gig is a part of the Special Missions and it happens to be the 3rd on the list. So when you feel like giving it a try, just click on the start button. It gives you a 0.1 GIFT Reward. For this mission you need 10 fans, your level needs to be 2 and 20% energy. The duration is not too long. It's for 10 minutes.


“Do a charity gig for GiftGiver”

Okay, guys, I have brought Wednesday with me here, so be nice. You know she’s quite resourceful.


So guys, have a great week. The weekend is not far away but be cheery all the time.


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