Christmas Merriment!!!

Merry Christmas guys. I hope you're all enjoying a great Christmas, and it's on Friday. I thought why not share some Christmas spirits with you guys. So for the holiday cheers, I'm bringing in a Christmas Themed segment. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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3 Card combo pack


Yes! Santa gave me what I wanted for Christmas! Another pack. Only this time…It’s special! Do you know how you always get 1 rare and 2 common cards from a pack? Well, not this time! This Christmas you get 1 rare, 1 common, and 1 special card! The special card is better than any rare card in Rising Star. This time I got 3 people cards. Lolita, Limey, and Wizzy! Wow! So awesome! I’m so excited to use these avatars!

Instruments: Jingle Bells


Merry Christmas! 🎵Jingle bells, jingle bells🎵 I’m in the North Pole. In front of Santa’s Sled. Amazing isn’t it? Well, that's just too many bells, isn't it? Look at them. I like the jingling sound though. Jingle Bells is a Christmas themed Special Card. And it gives you 10 lucks. And it's a bit expensive too.

“Jingle bells, please don’t sell HODL to the moon!”

People: Wizzy


🎵We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year🎵 Yay! Good Job Wizzy! I’m still in the North Pole but in a concert. Yes, they hold concerts in the North Pole but only the best of the best can perform here. Usually, it’s Wizzy who performs here and he is one hell of a wacky singing wizard I tell you! He is so talented, skilled, and kind. If someone told me to write all the good things about Wizzy then trust me, it would be a big list! He is definitely on Santa’s good list. He has 100 skill, 110 fans, 5 luck, and 1 IM! He is a great singer and musician.

“You can always rely on Wizzy to get you in the Christmas spirit”

Special Missions: Christmas Party

Woo! This party is amazing! People who don’t believe in Santa say “It’s raining cats and dogs” but people who do believe in Santa say “It’s raining candy canes!” and that’s true! So just for this occasion, I changed my avatar from Frankie to Wizzy. Let's see.


It’s literally raining candy canes outside. That’s why everyone in the North Pole is in this building. We are having a Christmas Party! Even the Elves came! This is so fun! This is a special mission but it’s limited. It’s leaving after January 5th sadly. So here’s what you need for this mission. 10 fans, level 2 or higher, 65% energy and the duration is 30 minutes. It gives you 1 Starbit. Come, join me at this amazing party! Merry Christmas


"Have a virtual Christmas Party and see if you are lucky enough to win a limited edition instrument. You must have an S6 Wizzy to do this mission. Ends January 5th."

That's it for today guys. Stay tuned for more updates. Wish you all a white Christmas filled with all the love and happiness that you deserve. Cheers!!


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