Super Cool Monday!!!

It's Monday fellas. Wake up and have your coffee. Let's start the day. Oh, I'm playing Rising Star you see. Believe me, this is a fun game. And today I have something special to share with you. So press my referral key down below and let’s go:

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3 Card combo pack


Yay! I just bought another pack. Of course, I got 1 rare and 2 commons. Everyone gets 1 rare and 2 commons. This time I got Derek, Cheap Trumpet, and Dorris Crockford! Oh, wait not that Dorris…It’s the musician Dorris. What was I thinking? Oh well nevermind. This pack is so amazing! Every pack is and it’s so fun getting random characters and instruments from just a pack. If you guys have enough Starbits you should definitely buy a pack because it’s very useful and fun to open these packs.

So guys I have changed my avatar from Undead Fred to Derek. And I'll tell you why in a bit. I have a special surprise. So guys let's get ready!

Special Missions: Starbits Millionaire

Guys, guys! I can finally do the Starbits Millionaire mission from Special Missions. Well yes, I am. Wanna know how? I already got my Millionaire card a few days ago the news of which I shared with you then. You need to do the Starbits Millionaire mission in the special missions. So the reason why I changed from Fred to Derek is to show you that it doesn't matter which avatar you choose, you can do this mission in any avatar you prefer.


It’s kinda hard to do it because you need 1000 fans, your level needs to be 50, you need 65% energy and the duration is 30 minutes! So, you need to be a really good player to do this mission. After you finish it you will get 10,000 Starbits. Awesome. This isn't going to change. You'll get the same amount of Starbits every time. In other missions, the Starbits may vary but in this one, it won't. So every time you press the Start button, you'll get 10,000 Starbits.


“If you hold one million STARBITS on Hive Engine and you hold the Starbits Millionaire card you can do this mission once a day.”

So, this is it for today guys. I'll bring more interesting updates to the game as I keep playing. Last but not the least, I want to thank @ervin-lemark for introducing this game to me. Finally, here I am following your lead. This has been a blast.


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