Teriyaki Tuesday!!!

Hiya folks, it’s Tuesday Teriyaki. Hahaha yes I did Taco Tuesday and now it’s time for teriyaki and maybe next Tuesday could be Tikka Tuesday! How about that? Yes, food special Tuesdays and to make it more special, let’s play Rising Star. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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So let’s start with a few cards, shall we?

People: Limey


Need a ride road crew? Well then, you’re in luck. Limey is a very good driver. You can rely on him when you need a ride for your road crew. Well, this guy is not a musician but he is pretty useful. If you don’t have enough space in your van or car or whatever vehicle you use then just call Limey. He’ll be there as soon as possible and he has a driver’s license so don’t worry he won’t crash the van! He has 10 skills his driving skill 0 fans, 0 luck, and 0 IM! C’mon, don’t you think this guy deserves more? Next time he gives your road crew a ride, don’t forget to give him a tip for the sweet ride!

“A road crew is the backbone of any successful act and Limey won’t let you down”

People: Curtis


The ’70s are making a comeback? This is Curtis he is not any everyday modern musician. He rocks the 70’s. Let’s roll! This guy might not be too popular but he tries. He is not too skilled either but c’mon he is a 70’s fan and which old person in this world doesn’t love the 70’s? He has 5 skills and 15 fans…Now I’m pretty sure most of his fans are literal people from the ’70s!!! Or maybe not…we don’t know. Well now don’t forget about his luck and IM. He has 1 luck and 0 IM. Not too good but he puts a lot of effort into what he does and guess what? This guy has an electric guitar! Sweet.

“Sweeter than a cashmere codpiece!”

Instruments: Cheap Violin


What is that guy playing? Oh, it looks a bit old. Let me get a closer look. Ah, It’s a Cheap Violin. Well, it does work even though it’s not too good. Although the best thing is it gives you +4 LUCK!!! Yay! Judging by the name you already know it’s cheap but we shouldn’t disrespect an instrument. The Violin works pretty well. I just hope it doesn’t break apart after the musician uses it. There’s no refund…

“And I bet you thought that hearing a child practice violin for the first time was as bad as it could get!”

Instruments: Cheap Cello


Is that a Violin in the music store? Hmm…Let me walk closer. Oops, it’s a Cello…my bad. Hold on it just costs 1 dollar? That’s way too cheap for a Cello. Must be faulty who knows? I’ll buy it anyway. Wow, the Cello is amazing. Why was it so cheap though? Well never mind. The Cello might be common but it works and it’s cheap! It’s not 1 dollar though. It even gives you +1 luck! Not many people like it and I’m pretty sure the inventor of this Cello is very sad so go buy this Cello and make the creator’s sad tears turn to happy tears!

“Hello, hello, I’m a Cheap Cello,
My sound’s quite mellow,
But I’m an inexpensive fellow!”

Vehicles: Cheap Tour Bus


Okay, how many old/rusty items am I going to see today?!?!?! The Cheap Tour bus looks very very rusty but it kind of works. It breaks down a lot so the owners of this bus need to be strong although it gives you +10 fans, +1 luck, and +1 IM. So, it’s not useless after all. Even though it doesn’t really work well we should be grateful that we even have a tour bus. If we didn’t, we would’ve had to jog all the way to wherever we were going.

“You’ll probably end up pushing it more than driving it but you’ve got too much gear now!”

Well, this isn't the end of it guys. I have a special treat for you. Let's take a closer look


Isn't this great! Rising Star will be giving out 30 SWAP.HIVE to the players. And that's a daily reward. And that's a daily reward. All you'll have to do is at least perform one mission a day, although here it says one mission in 7 days, which is cool. As you can see, the more cards you have, the more value it adds to your collection; and unique cards have their added benefits. And overall your collection, missions, and lessons will help you rank higher on the leaderboard. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! January isn't too far. So play Rising Star and win!!

That's the end! Ta-da! I hope you all enjoyed the segment and I'll be back soon with another. Stay frosty.



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