Coronavirus Files – November 2021

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Late Autumn is always a time of respiratory infections and the right time to intimidate sheeple with more Coronavirus Hoax…

In November, we received documents from various countries with precise data on the tragic consequences of vaccination with Big Pharma mafia poison. We have real doctors who appear in public with a request that the vaccination be stopped immediately. And we have the first court ban on the presidential decree on mandatory vaccination in the United States…

Creating an archive of Coronavirus texts in English and Serbian will not only allow evidence of the greatest global hoax to remain on the blockchain platform, but will also make it easier to search for all the evidences of a Hoax.

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

284. Things you won’t see on TV [eng/срп] Ствари које нећете видети на ТВ-у (Nov. 30th)

You will never see the truth on your TV screens, because the truth opens up ‘inconvenient’ questions. For example – the data from the Republic Bureau of Statistics, which says that mortality in the ‘vaccinated’ October 2021 increased by as much as 75.6% compared to October 2020. The data from Romania. And a protest in Italy, Parma, with pictures of those who died from the vaccines, which were mostly carried by family members…

283. Omicron Panic and Deadly ‘Vaccines’ [eng/срп] Омикрон паника и смртоносне ‘вакцине’ (Nov. 30th)

The woman who found the ‘new strain’ called Omicron, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, stated that it causes ‘extremely mild symptoms’ and that it is nothing new, since it is already present in many other countries. None of the facts, however, will prevent the World Health Organization (WHO) from once again spreading the panic in order to drive profits into the pockets of the Big Pharma mafia corporations which finance it.

In this text we have documents describing the suffering after vaccination in German retirement and care homes. We have confirmations from the largest databases in America (VAERS) and Europe (EUDRA), we saw how young and physically impeccably prepared athletes fall all over the sports arenas every day after being vaccinated, and how databases are formed on social platforms with cases of people affected by vaccination who are not allowed access to corporate media: (issue 15).

Japanese health control found as many as 1.63 million contaminated ‘vaccines’ of the Gates’ corporation of Moderna, and their findings were confirmed by German researchers on September 20th in Reutlingen, finding contamination not only in the Moderna product, but also in vaccines of the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson corporations, and Italian Higher Institute of Health has practically shown that there is no real danger from coronavirus, nor does it matter that vaccines are poison. And reports of, for example, a tremendous rise in cancer after ‘vaccination’ in the United Kingdom are not important, or gruesome open statements about experimenting with ‘vaccines’ on children…

282. Japan ‘miracle’ [eng/срп] Јапанско ‘чудо’ (Nov. 27th)

The corporate media somehow seems to have overlooked the miraculous event in Japan, where the Coronavirus apparently disappeared overnight! And even those who reported it did so by spinning the truth…

And also the documentary entitled: “Tricked: Death of vaccinated celebrities in Serbia”

281. Of Demons and Kids II [eng/срп] О демонима и деци II (Nov. 25th)

A demonic statement by Alemka Markotić, a member of the Crisis Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, in which it is explicitly claimed that experiments with vaccines are being performed on children. More vaxxed athletes dying on the pitch and Dr. Vernon Coleman with a medical evidence that vaccines are causing serious heart diseases.

280. Ствари које треба видети на српском (Serbian) (Nov. 24th)

Каже се често да народ има кратко памћење. Ја кажем да дужина памћења и избор запамћених информација директно зависе од медијске манипулације. Свакако ће они који се држе корпоративних телевизија памтити само оно што им медиј допусти у непрекидном прању мозга. Зато је јако добро посетити архиву догађаја. Ако сте заборавили како је текла превара са свињским грипом 2008, овде можете наћи дводелни документарац из 2011. године под насловом ‘Фармакомафија – Купопродаја здравља’

279. Of Demons and Kids [eng/срп] О демонима и деци (Nov. 23th)

Imposing ‘vaccination’ on children as a crime against humanity, described by Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, and an analysis by Toby Rogers which reveals that child mortality from vaccines will be 50 times higher than from the alleged disease.

‘Inclusive capitalism’ with Rothschilds and Vatican as accomplices in the Great Reset.

Katarina Marić, the owner of the restaurant ‘Protina kuća 1846’ in Šabac, brave woman who refused to apply the Covid pass and is ready to fight tyranny.

WHO report on the adverse effects of vaccines, 1972–2021.

278. Self-defense mode [eng/срп] Модус самоодбране (Nov. 22th)

The official data of the public health of United Kingdom, from which it can be seen that the level of infection is higher in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated! Rebellion in a number of EU countries…

277. Cover Up [eng/срп] Заташкавање (Nov. 21th)

One of the most absurd ‘arguments’ in favor of vaccines goes like this: “can't you even consider the possibility that maybe science has advanced to a point where vaccines can be developed a lot quicker?” Well, science may be advancing, but these Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are certainly not a science!

Revolving door between FDA and Big Pharma…


276. BREAKING: Rampage in Rotterdam [eng/срп] УДАРНА ВЕСТ: Бес у Ротердаму (Nov. 20th)

Mass protests against the Coronavirus dictatorship, Covid passports and the compulsory vaccine in Rotterdam, have apparently turned into bloodshed…

275. BREAKING: Austria imposes compulsory vaccination from February 1st [eng/срп] УДАРНА ВЕСТ: Аустрија уводи обавезну вакцинацију од 1. фебруара (Nov. 19th)

Bearing in mind the fact that no one guarantees the efficasy and safety of ‘vaccines’ with which states and corporative media attack people, coercion to vaccinate is a crime that can no longer be stopped peacefully… From February 2022, ‘vaccination’ will be compulsory for everyone in Austria without distinction – as if ‘vaccines’ have no contraindications at all! Brought to you by Alexander Soros and Alexander Schallenberg…

274. A Modern Holocaust [eng/срп] Савремени холокауст (Nov. 18th)

In 2020, the Coronavirus Hoax was the greatest hoax in the history of mankind. Since 2021 and the beginning of ‘vaccination’, it is becoming the greatest crime in the history of mankind. If you don’t believe me, you can trust those who survived the previous greatest crime… A group of former World War II concentration camps detainees had to address the public in an open letter ‘Stop the Covid Holocaust!’, first published on September 21, 2021

273. Australia Cries Help! [eng/срп] Аустралија зове упомоћ! (Nov. 15th)

Australia has made a dramatic call for help. Monica Smith from the association ‘Reignite Democracy Australia’, calling on all countries of the world to stand up against the fascist covid-dictatorship on December 4, and in that way help the fight for the liberation of the Australian population.

272. BREAKING: World’s first nationwide lockdown for the unvaxxed [eng/срп] УДАРНА ВЕСТ: Прво закључавање за невакцинисане на свету (Nov. 14th)

The country that ‘gifted’ Emperor Franz Joseph and Adolf Hitler to the world again stands out with its ‘avant-garde’: Now they are the first in the world to approve violence against the unvaccinated… Yes, it’s Austria!

271. New wave of protests against ‘the measures’ [eng/срп] Нови талас протеста против ‘мера’ (Nov. 14th)

As might be expected, the ‘pandemic’ proved to be just an excuse to introduce a brutal dictatorship in all countries of the World whose puppet governments follow WHO protocols. And an increasing number of people, especially those who have been vaccinated, realize now that the ‘vaccine’ will provide them with neither health nor freedom. On the contrary…

270. Србија: ПОСЛЕДЊЕ УПОЗОРЕЊЕ – приватизација Института „Јарослав Черни“ (Serbian) (Nov. 13th)

The best way to control the masses and destroy the state is to open a large number of crises at the same time, so the rebellion cannot have a focus… Text in Serbian on the privatization of the Institute ‘Jaroslav Černi’, the refferent institution for drinking water quality control.

Најбољи начин за контролу маса и разарање државе јесте отварање великог броја криза истовремено, тако да побуна не може имати фокус… Текст на српском језику о приватизацији Института „Јарослав Черни“, референтне установе за контролу квалитета воде за пиће.

269. The Thinking Stuff, 11th Dose – Vaccinazism [eng/срп] Ствари за размишљање, 11. доза – Вакцинацизам (Nov. 12th)

Cartoons, memes & thoughts for encouraging critical thinking about the Coronavirus Hoax in English and Serbian.

Ne preteruj-TSyICv1.jpg
Пут у фашизам води кроз шпалир људи који вас убеђују да не претерујете

268. Вакцинацистичка пропаганда као пророчанство судњег дана (Serbian) (Nov. 11th)

Лаж увек носи последице. Што је лаж већа, теже су њене последице. Кад лаж постане толико очигледна, а последице тако разорне да коштају живота мноштво људи, морате се питати о мотивима лажова који и даље гурају исту лаж… ‘Кризни штаб’ је ту да својски подржи лаж корпоративних медија како се [1.] Ивермектин користи у ветерини а само у појединим изузетним случајевима код људи, да [2.] нигде није одобрен за лечење ковид болесника, и да [3.] уопште није испитан.

Др Борислав Антонијевић, члан удружења Лекари и родитељи за науку и етику у ‘Уранку’.

267. Israel & Palestine [eng/срп] Израел и Палестина (Nov. 9th)

For all those who missed the Facebok post of Dr. Goran Golubovic, manager of the Agency for Health Protection Ambrosius in Bor, Serbia, here are the results of ‘vaccination’ in Israel and Palestine (test and control group) with his comment…

266. Italy: Ending the Big Lie [eng/срп] Италија: Крај велике лажи (Nov. 8th)

After the good news that the Federal Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt to Biden’s vaccine mandate, today we have another encouraging news, this time from Italy. According to the Italian newspaper Il Tempo, the Higher Institute of Health in that country has revised downward he official number of victims of Covid-19. And let’s see the results!

265. Evolution [eng/срп] Еволуција (Nov. 7th)

The protagonist of this story is a mother of three who introduces herself as Emily Joe on Twitter, and who fully believed in the fairy tale about ‘vaccines’ as a safe and effective means of protection against diseases.

264. BREAKING: Federal Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt to Biden’s vaccine mandate [eng/срп] УДАРНА ВЕСТ: Савезни апелациони суд блокирао Бајденов указ о обавезној вакцинацији (Nov. 6th)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton both announced on Twitter today that the Federal Court of Appeals just issued a temporary halt to Biden’s vaccine mandate, and that an emergency hearings will take place soon…

263. 904%: True ‘vaccine’ damage [eng/срп] 904%: Истинска штета од ‘вакцина’ (Nov. 5th)

In Pfizer, one affair replaces another. After Melissa Strickler, who revealed the horrible truth about the composition of the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ to ‘Project Veritas’, we have a new scandal: Brooke Jackson, who worked as a regional director in the research group Ventavia, engaged in the vaccine testing process, told the truth about falsification of test data…

262. The seeds of awakening [eng/срп] Семе буђења (Nov. 5th)

For a rebellion to happen, conditions need to be met. For a whole year and a half, the media easily manipulated the fear of the global population, but now lies have gone through the roof… Rebellion in the EU Parliament: Kristine Anderson, German MEP, Mislav Kolakušić and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, Croatian MPs. Dr. Branimir Nestorović guest at the Institute for European Studies.

261. Logic and Science Against the ‘Vaccines’ [eng/срп] Логика и наука против ‘вакцина’ (Nov. 2nd)

If you want to know whether these substances, which the propaganda of the state-corporate media call ‘vaccines’, really are effective and safe or not, it is enough to use logic. But if you want to know if they are harmful, you need exact science…

Research scientist, Dr. Richard Fleming, has tested the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine on fresh human blood samples in-vitro and made a string of nightmare discoveries confirming the medical community’s findings.

260. Second Procession of the National Assembly in Smederevo [eng/срп] Друга литија свенародног сабрања у Смедереву (Nov. 1st)

As might be expected, the colonial administration of the territory called Serbia, continues to relentlessly implement a program of control and subjugation of the population using a Coronavirus Hoax, with devastating effects. It is natural that because of this the resistance must grow…

Always remember Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals
Не заборавите да је Џулијан Асанж први разоткрио глобалнe злочинце

* * *

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