Coronavirus Files – May 2020

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Chronicle of the Coronavirus Hoax in May 2020. By the end of May it is clear that this hoax is a globalists project…

Creating an archive of Coronavirus texts will not only allow evidence of the greatest global fraud to remain on the blockchain platform, but will also make it easier to search for all the evidences of a Hoax.

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

51. Превара о ‘сукобу суверениста и глобалиста’ (Serbian – May 31st)

Прича о сукобу између суверениста и глобалиста је театар са одређеним циљем – да се не дозволи људима буђење, и да не почну да размишљају својом главом. Погледајте заједничке фотографије Клинтонових и Трампових…

50. “Sovereignists vs. Globalists” Scam (May 30th)

The story about the clash between Sovereignists and Globalists is a theater with a particular aim – not to allow people to awake and start thinking with their own heads. See the pics of Clintons and Trumps together…

49. Coronavirus: Corporate Media Poison (May 28th)

Мedia processing of the population to accept mandatory vaccination and monitoring.

Manipulation with the numbers in Sweden.

48. Коронавирус: Бал глобалистичких вампира (Serbian – May 26th)

До краја маја постало је јасно да је коронапревара глобалистички пројекат.

Листа финансијера СЗО. Наш @BenSwann објашњава закон о праћењу популације вредан 100 милијарди долара. Трампова улога у глобалистичкој превари.

47. Coronavirus: The Dance of a Globalist Vampires (May 26th)

By the end of May, it is clear that Coronavirus Hoax is a Globalist Project.

List of WHO financiers. Our @BenSwann explains the TRACE bill worth $100 billion. Trump’s role in the globalist scam.

46. Коронавирус: Истинита прича о 5Г технологији (Serbian – May 22nd)

Шта се крије у сулудој причи о 5Г као окидачу за коронавирус и која је стварна опасност од 5Г. Да знате унапред: Није електромагнетно зрачење.

Црно огледало и микро-роботи убице.

45. Coronavirus: True Story of 5G (May 21st)

What is hidden about the insane story of 5G as a coronavirus trigger, and what is the real danger of 5G. Spoiler: It is not an electromagnetic radiation.

Black mirror and slaughterbots.

44. The Thinking Stuff (May 19th)

Chosen memes and a picture of the face mask box where you can see a Warning which says that face masks does not provide any protection against Covid-19 (Coronavirus) or other viruses and contaminants.

43. Коронавирус: Теорија завере (Serbian – May 17th)

Ово је природан коронавирус, а ПЦР тестови су превара. Председник Танзаније Џон Магафули, који је разорио превару са ПЦР тестом и који је упорно одбијао да вакцинише становништво, нажалост је преминуо након инфаркта у болници у Дар ес Саламу.

Зашто онда тестирају? Може ли то бити прикупљање ДНК на глобалној популацији?

42. Coronavirus: A Conspiracy Theory (May 16th)

This coronavirus is a natural one, and PCR tests are a scam. Tanzanian President John Magafuli, who destroyed PCR test scam and repeatedly refused to vaccinate population, unfortunately died from heart failure, passing away in a hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Why are they are testing then? Could it be a DNA sampling of a global population?

41. Coronavirus: Censorship and Satanism (May 15th)

Censorship is a sure sign of totalitarianism. If you want to know what kind of totalitarianism it is, you need to pay attention to what type of content is being censored… For example, movie Plandemic and Dr. Judy Mikovits. See how her Wikipedia page is changed.

See Melinda Gates wearing a satanic upside-down crucifix and the new Congress bill with the acronym TRACE (COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone Act) and marked with the number H.R. 6666.

See WHO searching a way to destroy families in a ‘safe and dignified manner.’

See banishing of the famous Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov from the Russian media because of asking the ‘wrong’ question…

40. Coronavirus: Taking Over the World (May 12th)

New York state governor, Andrew Cuomo, has named plutocratic ‘executives’ who should reimagine New York after the Covid-19 crisis. Guess who they are. Find out what is Google’s Project Nightingale. And who is the first intending to microchip children like livestock…

39. Коронавирус: Пљување по лику Господњем (Serbian – May 11th)

„Први гутљај из чаше природних наука неминовно ће вас учинити атеистом, али на дну чаше сачекаће вас Бог.“
― Вернер Хајзенберг

А онда долазе цензори који протерују истинску науку и Бога с њом…

38. Coronavirus: Spitting in the Face of God (May 10th)

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
― Werner Heisenberg

But then, censors will come and banish true science and God with it…

37. Coronavirus: True Culprits (May 7th)

There are several levels of culpability in this global crime against humanity. The lowest level ar the ‘expert’ scum which will make a model of any kind of nonsense for an appropriate sum. Like for example WHO bureaucrats or ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson. Who gave them the money?

At the second level are the media exposed contractors like Bill and Melinda Gates. During the Trump tenure there was a petition to the White House entitled: “We Call For Investigations Into The ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity”, which gathered 505,436 signatures until May 7th. It was simply taken down, which means…

Third level of culprits are governments, and the US Government before everyone else, as direct accomplices in the hoax.

The highest level are the ideologists, organizers, a global players: the largest financial capital, plutocrats who are acting through institutions like FED, World Bank, IMF or ECB, FED…

36. Дигитални јуан на тестирању и превара с коронавирусом (Serbian – May 4th)

„Криза“ око коронавируса ефикасно делује на убрзавање увођења технологија масовне контроле становништва. Гурање идиотске приче о томе како папирне валуте помажу у ширењу инфекције коронавирусом огроман је подстицај за брзи прелазак на „бесконтактне опције плаћања“. Наметање централизоване дигиталне валуте путем страха без дилеме најефикаснији је начин замене једне трагичне преваре другом, још већом, уз истовремено избегавање било какве расправе о разликама између централизованих и децентрализованих дигиталних валута.

35. Digital yuan under testing & coronavirus hoax (May 3rd)

Coronavirus “crisis” is effectively acting as an accelerator for the introduction of mass population control technologies. One of the most effective ways of control through history was – control of money. Now China leads the development of a centralized digital currency that can make you a slave in a very simple way.

As an addition to this text, we have Christy Ai explains the consequences in this video, starting at 1:10

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