Coronavirus Files – November 2020


In the November Archive we have quite unusual open letter of a Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, to the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, which discloses deeper aims of the Coronavirus Hoax…

In November we also had a massive number of testimonies of a censored doctors all over the World. In Germany they have written open letter to Merkel – the government responded with violence and water cannons. In Serbia Constitution does not exist any more, and the government threatens mandatory vaccination, despite growing evidence that vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca are dangerous! And not just dangerous, but deadly for perfectly healthy people. So much that today we have a new kind of corporate ‘marketing’: Whose vaccine is deadlier!

Duration: 2:19

Creating an archive of Coronavirus texts in English and Serbian will not only allow evidence of the greatest global hoax to remain on the blockchain platform, but will also make it easier to search for all the evidences of a Hoax.

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

130. Coronavirus Hoax: PCR Lie [eng/срп] Коронапревара: ПЦР лаж (Nov. 30th)

Everything begins with accepting the false premise that the coronavirus is unbelievably dangerous. It’s not. Infection figures offered through fake PCR tests are calculated to convince you that the danger exists, and that anyone who disobeys orders is a danger to society. You can explain, describe, draw and present to a person an irrefutable proof that PCR tests means nothing, and he will forget everything tomorrow, as soon as he is exposed to a daily dose of radiation from the TV screen…

In this text you can read an excellent article (in English, German and Serbian language) by Siri Sanning, guest author at entitled “Criticism from doctors and lawyers – Pfizer Vice-President confirms: PCR test alone does not say anything about infection”. Among the testimonies in the article, most notable ones are from Dr. Mike Yeadon, an expert in biochemistry, toxicology and respiratory pharmacology, was Vice President and Executive Director of Research and Development at US pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Sandwich, UK, for many years before founding his own biotech company Ziarco in 2011, and Ddr. Martin Haditsch is a specialist in microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology as well as a specialist in infectology and tropical medicine. He is the medical director of the Travel Med Center in Leonding and director of a medical laboratory in Hanover.

The conclusion is clear: Tightening of the noose will continue at the pace at which the sheeple are ready to swallow the lie.

129. Коронапревара: Понуда која се не може одбити (Serbian – Nov. 29th)

Колонијални управник који заузима сав медијски простор на територији колоније зване Србија, изнео је јуче понуду за вакцинацију која се не може одбити: „Ко неће да прими вакцину, нека не долази у болницу!“

Устав и све његове одредбе које штите ваша права и слободе, укинути су захваљујући коронапревари. Он само отворено говори да више немате ни здравствену заштиту ако не прихватите да будете део експеримента на живим људима. Истовремено, можемо само да се присећамо како треба да изгледа непристрасно извештавање о вакцинама и резултатима вакцинације ПРЕД ИЗБОРЕ И ИЗМЕНУ ЗАКОНА, кроз извештај швајцарске телевизије (српски титл).

У овом тексту још можете сазнати како је Америчка влада ослободила велике фармацеутске куће одговорности за све трагедије које проистичу из експеримената са вакцинама и успут издала корпорацији Фајзер/БиоНТек хитно одобрење за њихову непроверену вакцину!

Исто тако можете видети како се фармацеутска мафија односи према становништву Сједињених Држава на примеру ‘Пердју фарме’. Ако они раде сопственим грађанима све оно што је и адвокат Роберт Ф. Кенеди Млађи доказивао на суду, зашто би им се веровало да такве и још горе ствари неће радити на колонијалним робовима? Па баш то им је вековна традиција!

На крају текста можете видети сведочење др Кери Мадеј и Дејвида Соренсена о вакцинама, као и интервју с професором социологије др Слободаном Рељићем, који објашњава методе манипулације свешћу застрашене масе и могуће последице.

128. Coronavirus Hoax: Censorship [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Цензура (Nov. 28th)

There are two certain signs that the government is working against you. The first is the censorship of everything that does not correspond to the official horror that the government is pushing through the media. The second is allowing corporations to commit crimes against the population openly and with impunity… In short, this is called FASCISM. Those are the reasons why you won’t see in corporate media any of a huge number of reputable scientists who signed The Great Barrington Declaration and why their page was taken down.


Despite the censorship, those experts are working on a new project named Collateral Global, where academics, researchers, and subject matter experts are attemping to cultivate a better understanding of the global impact of COVID-19 restrictions.


Further down the post you can see an important testimony of Dr. Carrie Madej, because of which she had to switch her channel to Bitchute.

‘Thanks’ to the censorship, we cannot hear in the corporate media words of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been waging a legal battle for decades against corporations that experiment on children and do immeasurable damage to the health of future generations with impunity. At this post you will find a link to his vaccine injury data and a link to the book “The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” which describes the establishment of a court that would represent a legal way of seeking compensation for all those who have suffered severe consequences of vaccinations and government manipulation in order to defend the corporate vaccination policy.

127. Coronavirus Hoax: Testimony of Serbian experts [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Српски стручњаци сведоче (Nov. 26th)

Corporate media closed their doors to the medical experts with the second opinion. Now we have to gather their interviews at the alternative media over the Internet.

Video with Dr. Novica Ćeranić, a specialist in radiology and oncology with 25 years of experience, from the strongest Serbian reference institution for malignant diseases, the Institute of Oncology and Radiology in Belgrade – was expectedly removed from YouTube.

You can still see Dr. Alek Račić, maxillofacial surgeon of the Clinical Center in Belgrade and Prof. Dr. Branimir Nestorović, until recently the head of the department of allergology and pulmonology at the University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade, and a fugitive from the crisis headquarters with whose measures he could not agree. Professor Nestorović states a fact that mortality in 2020 is nowhere in Europe higher than last year, and that there are at least 12 cheap drugs that have been shown to be effective against this virus…

126. Coronavirus Hoax: ‘Saviours’ from AstraZeneca [eng/срп] Коронапревара: ‘Спаситељи’ из АстраЗенеке (Nov. 24th)

British/Swedish corporation AstraZeneca comes into the race for a vaccine profits. They claim their vaccine is 90% effective, soon to be revealed as a lie. You can compare producer claims on their vaccines and then watch what Polly Tommey found by simply carefully reading the packaging of AstraZeneca vaccine and researched the meaning of what is written on it.

You can further research details on vaccines and genetic engineering technology in William Engdahl’s excellent article entitled “What’s Not Being Said About Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine” which reveals an insatiable corporate hunger for profit that can cost you your life.

And do not miss a testimony of a German doctor Dr. med Klaus Hartmann, who worked at the Paul Ehrlich Institute for ten years and is now working on assessing the defects caused by common additives in vaccinations. explained how volunteers are criminally abused by adding toxic substances to what should be to be a placebo (harmless material), to make vaccines look less harmful! (German with Serbian subtitles) His conclusion: vaccinations are a measure from the day before yesterday, the current additives are unsafe and out of date, but we will still have to deal with their consequences the day after tomorrow.

125. Coronavirus Hoax: The Test Deceit [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Подвала с тестовима (Nov. 24th)

Who can tell you better and with more authority about the lack of efficiency in diagnosing the disease with PCR tests that Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a virologist who has held many prestigious positions in medical institutions across Canada and a CEO of the company that sells PCR tests? Listen to his public address before the Edmonton City Council, Canada.

In this text we are once again turning back to the excellent lecture of Dr. Lee Merritt, and a comparison of Britain and Sweden, which shows that ‘health measures’ are full scale hoax.

Then you can see an excellent short movie in German, explaining visually why PCR tests are not a diagnostic tool, and why its use is a pure manipulation. This abuse was personally witnessed by Elon Musk, who was tested four times in one day, and was twice positive, and twice negative!

124. Coronavirus Hoax: A Vaccine Fake [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Лаж o вакцини (Nov. 22th)

Immediately after the announcement of the Pfizer/BioNTek conglomerate that they had successfully completed the development of a vaccine against the ‘deadly’ virus, shares of this pharmaceutical corporation soared 15%. But the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, sells his shares worth $5.6 million! How interesting. Shows how much the boss believe in the further growth and success of his company despite a new vaccine made with ‘revolutionary’ technology…

Even more interesting is the defense used by a certain biotech analyst, Brian Skorney, to defend Bourla, calling the sale “highlight of how capitalism can work at its best.”

Of course, rarely you will see in media the fact that Pfizer’s vaccine must be stored at -70°C! Which makes it practically unusable, since only 15% of transport companies have the means to transport goods at -70°C (which is the temperature as at the South Pole), and only 60% can provide transport at -20°C. In addition, dry ice, necessary to maintain the temperature, is a hazardeous material, which is why it is banned on airplanes. This logistical nightmare means that the distribution of the ‘miracle’ vaccine will not be practically possible, and no other than – Bill Gates – tried to confirm that immediately!

At the same time, all the western corporations that got a hefty sums (counted in billions of dollars) from the national states budgets to develop the vaccine, did not shy to crank up the price for their impossible product. See the comparison of prices…

123. Коронапревара: Отворено писмо Ангели Меркел (Serbian – Nov. 19th)

Још један очајнички покушај немачких медицинских стручњака, предвођених др. Робертом Клугером, да политичареприведу разуму: 21. октобра 2020. група од четрдесет немачких лекара послала је писмо немачкој канцеларки Ангели Меркел под називом „Зауставите Ковид ‘Машину страха’”… Очигледно погрешна адреса. Разум не обитава међу политичарима. Немачка власт одговорила је 18. новембра у виду закона који је прогуран кроз немачки Бундестаг, којим се практично бришу сва уставна права и слободе немачког народа, баш као што је исто то урађено и у Србији недељу дана раније… Изгласавање закона било је праћено масовним протестима које је полиција сузбијала воденим шмрковима, насиљем и хапшењима…

122. Coronavirus Hoax: A flu d’état! (Nov. 17th)

Probably the best short description of this conspiracy and its leading group, gave a health care journalist Peter Barry Chowka, who called this obvious takeover of our supposedly democratic political process by unelected & unaccountable administrative state medical bureaucrats – ‘A flu d’état’.

And the leader of id(iot)eology group Klaus Schwab in his book COVID-19: The Great Reset explains when things will return to normal: NEVER, he promises, and TIME magazine reverberates with his id(iot)eology, while his World Economic Forum gives 8 predictions for the world in 2030…

121. Coronavirus Hoax: Face Masks as a Means of Mental Enslavement [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Маске као средство менталног поробљавања (Nov. 16th)

We are witnessing the most terrible campaign of lies and spreading fear in order to enslave the World’s population. Every truth is covered with a fresh pile of lies from the corporate media. That is why it is our duty, more than ever before, to spread the truth in this time of universal deceit… The corporate media has declared it a ‘second wave’, although it is completely unheard in science that the same virus returns in stronger waves, as explained by epidemiologist and professor Tim Spector, who says that overall mortality in UK is lower than usual for this time of year, and is willing to bet that mortality will be falling further.

‘America’s frontline doctors’ are routinely removed from YouTube because they are telling the truth.

And Dr. Lee Merritt, a doctor from the United States with 40 years of experience, a spinal orthopedic surgeon who worked for ten years and as a military surgeon, explains her position on masks as protection against viruses. See her lecture on face masks where she especially emphasize the harmfulness of masks for children.

120. Coronavirus Hoax & US Election Fraud 2020: 220 Мillion of American Zombies… (Nov. 14th)

So, Donald Trump was an obnoxious liar that couldn’t be tolerated? Imagine, he lied that coronavirus isn’t deadly at all, despite all the corporate media proofs! He even dared to survive it! Thank God America now got one honest President… Let’s inspect a new President that is speaking the truth, and nothing but the truth… so help him God!

119. Coronavirus Hoax: Gates of Hell Opened in Serbia [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Врата пакла отворена у Србији (Nov. 13th)

On November 12th in Serbia, a treacherous group that has been presenting itself as the National Assembly since the stolen elections, adopted amendments to the Law on Protection against Infectious Diseases, and contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, created a basis for mandatory, ie. compulsory vaccination of the whole population. Despite the fact that to that date there were only 915 alleged victims of Coronavirus, while Serbia in the same period had 44,101 deaths of heartattack and 26,466 deaths of cancer!

The agenda was never health, but enslavement. Exactly the reason YouTube immediately removed a video where Dr. Jovana Stojković and Dr. Tamara Bradić, explain in front of the Serbian Parliament building all the absurdities of this kind of ‘health’ policy…

118. Coronavirus Hoax: An Open Letter to Merkel (Nov. 10th)

Another desperate attempt of a German medical experts, led by Dr. Robert Kluger, to bring some reason to the politicians: On October 21st 2020, a group of forty German medical doctors sent a letter to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, entitled “Put an End to the Covid ‘Fear Machine’”… Wrong address obviously. Reason does not dwell among politicians.

117. The Great Reset: Archbishop’s Letter to Trump [eng/срп] Велико ресетовање: Надбискупово писмо Трампу (Nov. 3rd)

It becomes obvious that this demonic corona conspiracy that even endangers the survival of the Catholic hierarchy itself. But it is really tragic when a Catholic Archbishop starts believing that US President is mightier than Almighty! You can see here an open letter to the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, written by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop of Ulpiana and former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, asking him to prevent a destruction of “the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny” – ie. ‘The Great Reset’.

So, Viganò has more trust in Donald Trump than in Lord Almighty, and he does not have any trust at all in Pope Bergoglio, whom he considers a part of the conspiracy…

116. Coronavirus Hoax: Deadly virus of Truth (Nov. 2nd)

A deadly virus is haunting World – the virus of Truth. All the powers of globalist corporate World have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this virus: Bill Gates and George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Boris Johnson, Merkel and Macron, American Techies, French Liberals and German police-spies.

In such a World, a total medical ignorant Bill Gates (highly esteemed professional software thief, distinguished Harvard reject, master of eugenics, who does not have a minute of medical education) can use corporate media to criticize a specialist, member of White House Coronavirus Task Force, radiologist, Dr. Scott Atlas, who dared to say that lockdowns are killing people and not Covid-19!

Then you can see what a serial socialist Jimmy Dore has to say about Joe Biden, the criminal who actually was bragging about his autorship of the Patriot Act. At the end, Dr. J. P. Sears explains how this virus of truth can be quite deadly for the bloodsucking capitalist ‘elite’.

115. Коронапревара: Сврха преваре и отпор духовном уништавању (Serbian – Nov. 1st)

Духовно уништавање почиње кад народ заборави дужност да контролише догађаје у држави, кад допусти да му отуђена власт принудно намеће потпуно сулуде мере, и тим мерама се не одупре. Кад поверује у лажи са ТВ екрана. Или како би то Платон рекао: „Кога не занима шта ради његова влада, осуђен је да живи под влашћу будала“


Коронапревара осмишљена је да трајно измени ваше животе. Она неће престати све док њени организатори не буду судски гоњени и најстроже кажњени. Наравно, они се надају да су већ створили свет и коме су недодирљиви, ма какве злочине чинили. Фредерик Бастијат, либерал, новинар, економиста и посланик у француској скупштини током прве половине 19. века записао је следеће:

„Кад пљачка постане начин живота групе људи у друштву, временом они за себе стварају правни систем којим ту пљачку озакоњују и морални кодекс којим је величају.“
— Фредерик Бастијат

Само у таквом свету они могу некажњено да пљачкају, убијају и цензуришу све оне који, као професор Владимир Димитријевић, откривају природу духовног уништавања као увода у поробљавање. Исту ствар са свог становишта објашњава и професор социологије Слободан Рељић.

А духовна пропаст и поробљавање увек су током историје били увод у физички нестанак. Сетите се народа Јужне Америке Маја и Ацтека, сетите се староседелачких народа Северне Америке… Сетите се Абориџина, домицилног народа Аустралије… Сетите се масовних злочина над Индијцима и Кинезима који су европске колонизаторе преживели само захваљујући својој бројности. Имајте то у виду кад следећи пут слушате будале које вам нешто наређују на основу ПРЕПОРУКА Светске здравствене Рокфелерове организације…

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