New Tunes 22.9.2023

Hello, music lovers and everyone else! ğŸŽ¶

It's Friday again, almost the weekend, and the #newtunes selection of new music from well-known and lesser-known musicians competing for our attention is here.
I don't know how many and who will make it, some will go into oblivion, and some will come out on top.

This week I made an exception because when I was preparing the post I didn't even notice that I had selected 10 proposals. Let it be. Maybe you'll like something and will listen to it again for the weekend and beyond.
Anyway, if something doesn't appeal to you just skip it, musical tastes vary.


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The National - Deep End (Paul's In Pieces)

The National released a surprise album a couple of days ago, the tenth in a row, 'Laugh Track', which features songs that were recorded during the recording of their ninth studio album 'First Two Pages of Frankenstein' but didn't make it on the album. Music critics and listeners agree that it is a great album and really represents The National decades ago.
What do I know, there is probably some truth in what they say.

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Thirty Seconds To Mars – Stuck

'It's The End Of The World But It's A Beautiful Day' is the sixth, long-awaited album by alternative rock band Thirty Second To Mars. Now, obviously, alternative rock is a genre that can be interpreted in many different ways. For this piece, I'd rather call it seventies disco, possibly a beat.
The song 'Stuck' belongs here, they say it's a rich and dynamic sound combined with a video black and white minimalist aesthetic. Let's say it's true. Listen.

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Willie Nelson - No Love Around

Willie is an atypical country singer and an exception. Why?
Well, he is a living legend, and in his ninety-first year he has released his second studio album this year, 'Bluegrass', which is his seventy-fourth studio album in total, and if you add to that the twenty-six albums he has collaborated on with others, you get to an impressive number of 100.
'No Love Around' is the bluegrass song from this album, it's actually a new arrangement, it was released in 2015 on 'Phases and Stages' but in my opinion, it's better.

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Alan Palomo - Is There Nightlife After Death?

Alan Palomo is a Mexican-born composer and musician, better known as the frontman of the electro-pop or chillwave band Neon Indian.
The album 'Word Of Hassle', from which this song is taken, is the first one he has released under his own name. It's kind of retro, taking us back to the 1970s with the arrangements, style, and sound.

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yeule - cyber meat

Yeule is the musical project of Natasha Yelin Chang, a composer, singer, and producer from Singapore. She has released three albums to date, most recently 'Softscars', from which this song is taken, in September this year.
She is a non-binary representative of typical synth-pop, incorporating elements of Asian ambient and glitch genres into her expression, and all her frustrations and depressions of growing up and questioning who she really is...

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Sufjan Stevens - Will Anybody Ever Love Me?

Sufjan Stevens is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer.
This song, 'Will Anybody Ever Love Me?', is the second single for his 11th album 'Javelin', which will be released in early October. He plays a variety of genres, from electronica to symphonic instrumentation, but mainly stays in the lo-fi folk genre. Typically, he is DIY, writes very emotive lyrics, plays all the instruments, mixes, and produces his own music.

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Gaika or Gaika Tavares is an English artist, writer, and composer from South London. He recently released his fourth album, 'Drift'.
A musician of Jamaican and Grenadian roots, growing up in modern London and experiencing the multi-faceted nature of the metropolis has given him a glimpse into its darker side. All the feelings and thoughts that such experiences provoked, as well as the effort and desire to change, are described in the new album.
Incorporating various elements of post-rock, reverb, funk, soul, and gospel into basic hip-hop, he offers us a kind of discrete emotionality and a subtle sonority to the music.

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Jane Remover — Census Designated

Jane Remover is a younger American musician, who has also performed under the name Leroy. She started out as an EDM producer and member of various SoundCloud collectives. Her work has been described by music critics as hyperpop.
The song 'Census Designated' is the single for the album of the same name, her second, which is out at the end of October this year and leans from electronic rhythms towards an atmospheric shoegaze style with drone elements. An interesting combination.

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Alabaster dePlume - What Can It Take

Alabaster dePlume or Angus Fairbairn is an English poet, saxophonist, composer and activist. He is considered to be on the pedestal of original, wide-ranging, meaningful, and practically therapeutic spiritual jazz music. A new name for me, I admit.
'Come with Fierce Grace' is his sixth album, recently released. This album is, or so he says, a mastering of all the material left over from the previous album 'Gold'.
Sublime, subtle, personal music and in a different light meditative and spiritual, enriched with polyrhythmic saxophone improvisations. For me personally, very fine jazz, and I recommend listening to the whole album.

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Peter Doherty: Stranger In My Own Skin TRAILER

And finally, a trailer for a music documentary. Old punks may remember the great Libertines and their frontman, singer, and songwriter, the crazy, and totally stoned Pete Doherty.
The synopsis describes the feature-length documentary as

following English punk singer and legendary frontman of the Libertines, Peter Doherty, as he plunges into the depths of addiction at the height of his popularity.

'Stranger In My Own Skin' was directed by Katia deVidas, his wife and companion for the last ten years as he, in his own words, 'struggled to overcome his demons as he came back from the darkness into the light'.
I think this will be an interesting movie.

That's all for today, I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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