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How are you? Have you been to any concerts this year?
#newtunes brings you listening suggestions for the weekend, something for everyone.
A variety of genres, mostly more unknown than well-known artists, but we'll see what happens with them in the future. But they certainly have something to say.

If you like it, that's fine. If not, just skip it!


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Metallica: Screaming Suicide

We'll start with Metallica, who have released the second single "Screaming Suicide" from their upcoming album "72 seasons". James Hetfield, the frontman, says

It's a song that deals with a taboo subject - suicide. We want to communicate about a subject that we feel inside. I believe most people have thought about it and to confront it is to speak the unspoken. If this is the human experience we should talk about it. We are not alone.

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Will Epstein - Oyster Bay

New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Will Epstein, also known as High Water, has just released his second album "Wendy", which, as he puts it, is an attempt to redefine his relationship to the music of the 1970s by mixing cosmic jazz, psychedelia, and soft rock.
Quite ambitious, I would say. Well, it has to be admitted that the song exudes nostalgia for those times, which, unfortunately for him (and for us), will never happen again.

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Walk That Walk - You Good.?

Walk That Walk is a new name for me (shame me) who has been active in the Boston blues scene for over a decade and with their new album "You Good.?!!" they offer us first-class blues and perfectly satisfy the blues needs of all those who need it.
And I'm sure that at some point in time, everyone needs some of that sound and mood. I recommend listening to the whole album, because the blues has one such interesting characteristic, and that is that it either is or it isn't. A real treat!

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Yaeji - For Granted

And now something for teenagers :)
'For Granted' is the first single from the upcoming debut album 'With A Hammer' by Korean-American singer-songwriter and producer Yaeji, which will be released this spring. The drum & bass slowly descends into a frenzied rage and jungle, causing Yaeji to pick up her hammer and smash everything around her, taking the expression of rage as an opportunity to transcend it.
Music critics say she is very talented, especially as she breaks the monotony and offers refreshments in this EDM style. What do I know...

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Minami Deutsch - Grumpy Joa

Minami Deutsch, or South Germany, is a Japanese band, mainly dealing with the legacy of krautrock, who decided to move from Tokyo to Berlin for their third album. Otherwise a new band for me, they surprised me with their originality, and having listened to their previous two albums, I think they benefited from the move :)
Instruments dominate, and the voice inserts are more often than not positioned to dreamily blend the initial repetitive momentum of guitars and rhythm into an eternal syncopated cycle. I highly recommend listening to the whole album if anyone is interested in this kraut/psych/cosmic music.

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Mary Halvorson - Night Shift

Mary Halvorson is an American composer and guitarist, a new name for me, interestingly enough, she released two albums at the same time, "Amaryllis" and "Belladonna". Both are superb jazz improvisations, intertwined with the use of various instruments in chamber ensembles. The first one is more controlled orchestration, with an emphasis on groove, while in the second one, she intertwines all the instruments equally with the guitar, allowing a balance in the performance of the compositions.
"Night Shift" is a track from the Amaryllis album, played live last year at Roulette in Brooklyn. Fresh, innovative, and interesting.
This is the kind of music I like to wake up to in the morning :)

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Little Simz - No Merci

The queen of British hip hop, a classic hip-hopper with all the trappings of rhythm and blues, soul, and more - Simbiatu Abisola Abiola Ajikawo, short Simbi or Little Simz, released "No Thank You" last December, where she pours raw causticity over orchestral beats and eradicates her fear.
Beyond her emancipatory self-love, she is distinctly furious at exploitative labels who, in the social context of post-colonialism, the intersectionality of femininity, blackness, and urbanity - grind and mold it all up for profitability.

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Angerot - They Shall Take Up Serpents

And finally, a bit of death metal.
Angerot, from Sioux Falls, USA, who started playing in 2017 and quickly caught the attention of specialized labels, will release their third album "The Profound Recreant" in March. According to their own statements:

  • the music in the new album is not meant for this world, and this world is not meant for us.

Otherwise generic, screaming, and fast death metal, with influences from Swedish bands, is definitely interesting for fans.

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