New Tunes 25.8.2023

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It's Friday once again, and that means it's time for #newtunes! This is a collection of songs that you can enjoy throughout the weekend and beyond.

There are many musicians out there, across various styles and genres, who are looking to share their latest songs and gain some recognition. However, not all of them are seeking fame - some just want to share their creations with others. Even just taking the time to listen to their music can be a meaningful gesture.
And if you don't enjoy a particular song, it's always okay to skip it.


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Piss Shivers - Red Stripe

Piss Shivers is a new name for me, and I believe for most of the others too. The Australian duo from Brisbane, which has been around for less than a year, is already setting Australian audiences on fire with their uncompromising rock'n'roll. The pair take influences from the sounds and style of early LA punk, using just guitar, drums, and vocals to create a high-octane sound.
They recently released their debut album and Red Stripe is the first single from that album. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from them in the future.

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Detox Unit - Bounce

Detox Unit is Joseph Roberts from Denver, USA, who has been experimenting with samples, glitches, and drone sounds since 2014. He recently released his third album, Liminal, a glue of samples and electronic sounds that puts us in a strange hypnotic space vibrating with powerful bass and multi-instrumental choppy spots that one would think are just sounds to scare the cats at night, but still make a interesting whole that surprises.

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Arnold Dreybratt - Flight Path

Arnold Dreybratt is a 70-year-old American composer and performance artist from New York. He is a new name to me, maybe (or maybe not) also known for his collaboration with the psychedelic-folk band Megafun. He has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 1984 and has been a lecturer at the Berlin Academy of Arts since 2007.
In music he belongs to the avant-garde minimalists, has invented several instruments, and has a specific approach to performing works. The album Resolve is his fourth in a row, and on it he performs minimalist microtonal and repetitive music that once you hear it, you can't stop listening...

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Otay:onii - Overlap

Otay:onii is a Chinese musician and artist named Lane Shi, better known as the lead singer of the shoegaze band Elizabeth Colour Wheel. The album Dream Hacker, from which today's track is taken, is her second in a row, in which she moved from shoegaze to experimental electronica. In her own words, the song Overlap explores themes of belief and finding solace in either group or personal rituals. She does not believe in group religion, but more in personal belief. The melody used in the song is from her dreams with a cinematic arrangement and atmospheric instrumental backing of sound collages that match her voice.

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The End - Wasted Blame

The End is one of the bands Mats Gustafsson, Swedish composer, saxophonist and producer, works with. The fact that he is currently playing in six bands (The Thing, Fire!, Gush, Swedish Azz, Fake (the facts), and The End) shows that he is a very productive musician.
They play free jazz, but on Why Do You Mourn, their second album in a row, especially on this song, Wasted Blame, they play more in the style of rock in opposition, with a linear repetition of folk elements, sharp guitar distorted riffs, interspersed with saxophone and electronics.

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Sweeping Promises - Walk in Place

Sweeping Promises is a post-punk duo hailing from the Boston DIY scene. Their debut album Hunger For A Way Out in 2020 was quite well received by music critics and audiences alike, and of course, they followed it up with their second album Good Living Is Coming For You in June this year.
A new dose of post-punk in a distinctive lo-fi sound aesthetic, single-channel recording of instruments so that they sound as close as possible to recordings on analog recordings such as cassette tapes, and sounding like early New Wave bands from the last century. And they succeeded in doing just that. The unique sing-song vocals and the excellent musicianship hint at elegant and sometimes sentimental pop, which is a good thing at best.

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Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving - Sudden Peril

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving is an instrumental progressive metal band from Perth, Australia. They have released 12 albums since their beginnings in 2008. Over the years they have explored new possibilities in composition and settled somewhere in the genre of heavy guitars balanced with piano. In these contrasts of guitar noises and piano improvisations, without vocals, they try to tell stories about the shallowness and misery of modern society.
Their latest album, Oscillating Forest, was released at the beginning of August this year. The vision of being lost in a vast forest evokes an anxiety that the percussion only deepens. Perhaps they could be associated with existentialism, where screaming bursts of guitar sounds are tempered by piano and synthesizer melodies. For fans of the genre.

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Frankly - Pekel

Frankly, or Jan Frank, is a young Slovenian multi-instrumentalist, originally from Lendava, who lives in Ljubljana, produces electronics, and plays bass in the noise band Jolted.
His debut album Life Encoder is a diverse mix of synths and samples, creating soundscapes, some harder and darker, others bright and upbeat. The combination of all of the above with effective arrangement dynamics creates an interesting eclectic depth. I have chosen the track Pekel, Hell in English, for this post.

That's all for today, I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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