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Here we are already in the summer season, with festivals galore and all the new music you could want. And from this huge pool of sounds, #newtunes has put together a selection of songs for the weekend and beyond!

Well-known and lesser-known musicians of different styles and genres are trying to capture our attention. And rightly so. Whoever is interested will give them a chance, but if you don't like something, just skip it.


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Swans - Paradise Is Mine

The new album "The Beggar" by the cult American experimental band Swans has just been released and is now being presented on a European tour. "Paradise is Mine" is the opening song of this album and is not too different from the aforementioned.
Swans will take you into their dark and painful universe, from which you will not come out in a good mood, but you'll certainly feel a strange purification.
For those of you who swear by the Swans, it's certainly a delicacy.

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Fatoumata Diawara - Somaw

Fatoumata Diawara is a cult Malian cantautor and last month she released her third album "London Ko". She has had a lot of help from Damon Albarn, in other words, he returned the favor for her collaboration with Gorillaz (Desolee). She also collaborates with other musicians on the album, including Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca, Ghanaian rapper M.anifest and Nigerian Afrobeat singer Yemi Alade.
She comes from the Wassoluou region, a triangle between Mali, Guinea, and CΓ΄te d'Ivoire. This region is indeed famous for its Afro singers who have made careers for themselves. Well, during this time, Fatoumata was also involved in the film. Among other things, she starred in the multi-award-winning Mauritanian film Timbuktu, which won an award at Cannes in 2014.
In 2011 she published her debut song "Fatou" which was a great success. Since then, she has only gone up.

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Godflesh - Land Lord

Godflesh is a British band from Birmingham, formed in 1982. Together with Ministry and The Young Gods, they defined a new style of so-called industrial metal, based on heavy industrial samples, brutal guitars and a nihilism aesthetic.
The latest album "Purge", the ninth in the series, is no different. Hypnotic, repetitive guitar riffs and brutal bass with industrial rhythm machines is still the skeleton of their sound and since they've been doing what they want to do for over three decades, they have no need to prove it again. Industrial metal in the classic sense. Recommended.

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Rival Sons - Bright Light

Rival Sons is an American rock band from California, formed in 2009, considered one of the saviors of rock, the classic rock of the 1970s. I would rather say that they are the authentic protectors of the same, and the recognizable representatives of the old school of rock, the obvious fact being that they never lose their musical compass, which for the time being has guided them unerringly towards their well-deserved success.
The song "Bright Light" is taken from their latest, seventh album DarkFighter.

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Algiers - A Good Man

Almost three months ago Algiers released "Shook", their fourth studio album in a row. Given that their musical expression really is everything, many classify this Anglo-American band from Atlanta as a postmodern music phenomenon that cannot be placed in any genre. Many will recognize funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, R&B, progressive rock or indie, and even punk in what they play, but if we stop listing styles after that, we are likely to miss something else.
The best conclusion would be that Algiers are a band who have created their own specific style of music over ten years of music making.
This song, "A Good Man", is a bit of guitarish punk.

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Tim Hecker - Monotony II

Tim Hecker is a Canadian composer working primarily in ambient music. With the popularisation of the genre, the music industry has saturated the market with soothing, stream-optimized ambient works and a suitably unambitious sound, steeped in soulless, corporate positivity.
Tim Hecker, as a veteran of the genre, with his new album No Highs, draws attention to this newfangled position and seeks to reclaim the human auteur as the one who pushes the buttons behind the scenes and brings the musical vision to life. Ambient is thus highlighted again as a genre - diverse in its difficulty and its message. The music is made up of synths that, with their retrofuturistic qualities and sheer monumentality, conjure dark cyberpunk visions. Saxophonist Colin Stetson improvises on this electronic backdrop, further emphasizing the neuroticism of the environment. Recommended.

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BCUC - Millions Of Us (Part1)

BCUC, or Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, is a South African band whose music could be roughly described as political psychedelic pop futurism with a lingering essence of the sound of the African continents, but whose music also has a punkier spirit and extracts of hip hop, rap, rock, and funk. The members see music as a tool for political and psychic liberation, which is evident from their name. Bantu translates as people, Uhuru means freedom, and Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness means something like people continuing free consciousness.
They perform their music in all eleven official languages of the African continent and their content is mostly rebellious and socially critical. They mainly concern anti-apartheid themes, indigeneity, and the rights of the people. Millions Of Us is their fourth album and the song of the same name is divided into three parts. The basis of the music is a melodic and repetitive bass that links the vocal and rhythmic parts.

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Kari Faux - H-Town

Kari Faux hails from Little Rock, one of the epicenters of segregation in the American South, and this has shaped her life and musical career. The album "Real B*tches Don't Die!" is her third. The sonic aesthetic of the album itself draws heavily on the traditions of the American hip-hop South. Bass-heavy compositions, oversized subwoofers, and synthesizer-driven, soul- and funk-inflected melodies. In his lyrics, he refers to the environment he comes from, to his people, idealizing a lifestyle in neighborhoods where money is king, where a better tomorrow is a rather relative thing, and where life is lived today. The Southern mood with its immediacy and its baseness.

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