New Tunes 5.5.2023

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Are you ready for a new dose of weekly sounds and tunes? The #newtunes selection of new music is guaranteed to give you a soundtrack of fun for the weekend, whether you want it or not.
Mostly lesser-known musicians will be competing to dominate your minds with their creations. Otherwise, it costs you nothing except a few minutes for yourself.

All the songs are new and fresh, and after selecting them I found that they sound like they are from another time.
Yes, it all goes back in time with nostalgia, to the old and familiar rhythms spiced with a bit of modernity. It can't be otherwise.
As usual, if you don't like something, feel free to skip it.


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Nighttime - The Way

Nighttime is signed by American musician Evi Louise Goodman. She is also known as the violinist and backing vocalist of the folk band Mutual Benefit. This year she presents her third solo album "Keeper is the Heart" which sounds like a mix of English folk, psychedelia and Americana.
The song "The Way" doesn't stand out either. An abstract field of timelessness, on a road trip through the psychedelic wastelands of the American South.

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Polobi & the Gwo Ka Masters - Camargo

A new musician for me. The very independent MoĆÆse Polobi, in the company of percussionists The Gwo Ka Masters and in association with producer Liam Farrell and Doctor L respectively, has recently released the album Abri Cyclonique, from which this song Camargo is taken. He has surrounded the Guadeloupean brass band tradition with a richly varied, dub-like mystical soundscape.

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Die Letzten Ecken - Talisman

Die Letzten Ecken or The Last Corners is a post-punk trio from East Berlin. "Talisman" is their second album. The minimalistic production combines digital elements with analog electronic instruments, the vocals take an easy path through the melody and sometimes turn into sprechgesang, but above all the music looks back to the rich catalog of German music (read: krautrock) and in terms of rhythms, constructions, and sound palettes recalls the former avant-garde of the two Germanies.

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Dwight Trible - Truth

Dwight Trible is an exceptional American jazz musician who combines his knowledge and experience in genres ranging from gospel and blues to r&b. Dwight's gospel singing, with which he preachily conveys the messages of a bygone era, sounds in a very special, contemporary way. The hypnotic, futuristic sounds of the keyboards combined with steady, playful bass lines and electric guitar lead us into a hypnotic trance, meditation and a return to nature. Recommended.

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DMA's - Everybody's Saying Thursday's The Weekend

Although DMA's are Australians from Sydney, their sound is, I would say, pure Brit-pop. The promotion of their fourth studio album "How Many Dreams" at Wembley Arena caused a real cheer and ovation from the 10,000 fans and Oasis nostalgics in attendance.
I'm sure they're going to be a huge success this summer after selling out stadiums all over Europe.

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Temples - Oval Stones

English band in the style and combination of Britpop and neo psychedelia. I mentioned it about three weeks ago at the launch of the new album Exotica.
Well, here we have the second single Oval Stones where they continue in the same style. They certainly have an open future and it promises to be an interesting musical journey.

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Night Beats - Hot Ghee

A new band for me. Night Beats is an American garage/psychedelic band from Dallas, Texas, formed in 2009. They have five albums under their belt and a sixth one called "Rajan" is expected in June.
Sonic and colorful waves with an Indian touch and early Pink Floyd vibes but still original and fresh. I would love to see them live. Recommended.

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Sound Of Smoke - Shadows

Sound of Smoke is a German band from Freiburg. They have been playing together since 2016 and have released three albums, the latest "Phases" this February. They perform a mix of 60s/70s psychedelic rock/blues and stoner.
In the album's opening song "Shadows" the bass guitar leads the main thread, which is followed by soul vocals, while guitars and drums are more in the background. Yes, there is a bit of krautrock in this sound, I think.

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Listen loud!

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